The Testicle Tree That Boosts Fertility

Yes Virginia, there is a testicle tree! The not so humble (at least in size) avocado was named Ahuacuatl by the Aztecs, which means testicle tree. Clearly, the reason was because of the shape of the fruit and how they hang down in pairs – even with the typical testicular structure of one hanging lower than the other. But that isn’t all to the amazing connection between avocados and men’s most sacred of body parts.

human spermPhoto: Herbivore

The Aztecs also referred to it, and some Mexicans still do, as fertility fruit. Little did we know how right they were. It turns out that the avocado is high in folate; it contains 23% of the RDA. Folate is transferred to the seminal plasma and affects seminal growth. Too little folate and the DNA of sperm is affected, even damaging it. So if you want your sperm to be healthy, make sure you get folate in your diet – the fruit of the testicle tree is actually a good way to do it. The old Aztecs may not have known all the science behind it but they were absolutely right about it being a fertility fruit.

Avocado TreePhoto: Alpha

Lastly, not only for those who want to be sure they get their daily dose of fertility help, a little about the avocado in general and how to eat it. The fruit has butter yellow flesh inside that is extremely high in fat. In the middle is a large seed. The best way to cut and peel an avocado is to cut around the seed in the middle and then treat it like a mango and slice its skin with a cross hatch pattern. Turn the skin inside out and you have perfect squares ready to come off for salads, etc. Or just eat it with a spoon and some lemon juice.

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