Why You Shouldn’t Eat Fried Chicken

I know what you’re all thinking: Georgia. How awful. We would never discriminate against an entire state on Environmental Graffiti.

I really can’t say anything to make this any funnier. Image from Sean 94110 on Flickr

No, in the interest of fair and balanced reporting, we offer this advice from Arkansas: when the cops are searching your car, don’t hide your weed in your fried chicken.

When Savalas Stewart was pulled over Friday night, he was enjoying two of the finer points of living in the south: fried chicken, and the fact that almost all of the states are in the top ten in annual marijuana production. Thinking quickly, he made himself presentable for “the man” by hiding the marijuana in the chicken box, and hoping for the best. Of course, we are reading about it, so that plan obviously failed.

Police not only found Mr. Stewart’s extra-crispy stash, but also recovered ecstasy on his person, earning him a felony drug possession charge. Despite this, he was released Monday to await a court date, and hopefully avoid the KFC drive-through for some time.