20 Foods That Can Really Affect You When Your Stomach’s Empty

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We’re willing to bet you know there are some foods you shouldn’t eat on an empty stomach, right? But did you know there are a handful of products that you should eat when you have nothing in the tank? Read on to find out about the 20 foods that can really affect you on an empty stomach.

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20. Nuts: good

Believe it or not, you might want to start your day with a handful of nuts. That’s because walnuts, almonds, cashews and other varieties of unsalted nuts can help to get your digestion started and balance pH levels in your stomach.

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19. Tomatoes: bad

We get it – you’re trying to balance out those greasy sausages and fried eggs with a nice healthy grilled tomato. But it turns out that you might be doing harm to your stomach. Because tomatoes have soluble astringents which react with the acid in your gut. Consequently, this can cause pain and discomfort.

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18. Oatmeal: good

There’s nothing like a lovely hot bowl of oatmeal to get your morning off to a great start, especially when it’s cold out. Thankfully, science won’t be taking away your breakfast porridge anytime soon: it’s something you should have on an empty stomach. That’s because it coats your stomach and protects it from your body’s natural hydrochloric acid.

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17. Yoghurt: bad


Bad news for all the yoghurt lovers out there: you might want to save this dairy treat for dessert. Turns out that yoghurt’s healthy lactic acid bacteria loses its beneficial properties when it’s combined with the acidity of an empty stomach.

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16. Honey: good

Honey is especially awesome to eat on an empty stomach. Not only does it kick-start your immune system and get your digestion going, honey helps your body tackle viruses and bacteria. It even livens up your skin: bonus!

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15. Bananas: bad


Bananas: bad for you? Surely that’s got to be wrong. Certainly, bananas are packed full of energy and many health gurus think they’re a superfood. But because they contain magnesium and potassium, they’re not the best thing to eat on an empty stomach. Consequently, they can lead to an imbalance of those compounds in your blood.

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14. Eggs: good

Eggs are an awesome thing for your stomach to encounter first thing in the morning. Which is great, because eggs also taste delicious. Eggs have tons of health benefits, including helping you feel full for a long time. Meanwhile, some studies have suggested that they could actually help you lose weight too.

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13. Green vegetables: bad


We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that broccoli, spinach and other green vegetables might be great things to put on your plate first thing in the morning. But in reality those green veggies shouldn’t be eaten on an empty stomach. That’s because they have high amounts of amino acids, which can lead to heartburn.

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12. Watermelon: good

Thinking of watermelon first thing in the morning? Great idea. This delicious red fruit has loads of water within it, so it’s good for keeping you hydrated at breakfast. The exotic fruit also contains lycopene, which seemingly has benefits for your blood glucose, skin and heart.

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11. Spicy food: bad


You may want to lay off those tasty masala scrambled eggs for breakfast. That’s because spices and hot food can encourage your stomach to produce even more acid, causing harm to your stomach’s gastric lining.

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10. Buckwheat: good

Buckwheat isn’t just a way to stay on top of clean-eating trends – it’s also a genuinely healthy way to start your day. This grain gets your digestion going and gets rid of toxins from your intestines. Meanwhile, Buckwheat can also make you feel fuller for longer periods than some other grains.

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9. Short crust: bad


Tempting as it might be to choose a delicious pan au chocolat or Danish pastry for your brekkie, it’s probably a bad idea. That’s because short-crust pastry contains yeast, which can annoy the lining of your stomach. So skip the pastry next time.

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8. Blueberries: good

Blueberries are thought of as a super food and now we know for sure that they’re a great thing to eat first thing in the morning. These little berries give a real boost to your metabolism – not to mention your concentration and memory. All in all, they’re certainly a great way to kick-start your day.

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7. Citrus fruits: bad


Oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes: surely sounds like a healthy breakfast, right? Actually they’re not the best things to put in your stomach first thing. That’s because fruits such as these, which contain citrus, contain loads of acid and as a result can cause heartburn.

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6. Carrots: good

While it isn’t wise to feast on green vegetables first thing in the morning, one surprising veggie you might like to try on an empty stomach is the humble carrot. In fact, this classic orange vegetable is easier to digest so it’s kind to your system at breakfast.

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5. Pears: bad


Believe it or not, pears are not something you want to make a habit of first thing in the morning. Indeed, these green fruits are home to crude fiber which can cause harm to the membrane in your stomach.

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4. Cheese: good

If you were looking for an excuse to gorge yourself on brie for breakfast or cheddar first thing in the morning, this is it. Happily, science tells us that a little bit of dairy such as a slice of cheese can in fact help ward off heartburn.

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3. Tea: bad


A lot of people – especially Brits – like to get their day started with a warm cup of comforting tea. Sadly, however, that might not be the best thing to do. That’s because the caffeine in tea encourages your stomach to produce acid.

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2. Papaya: good

While some fruits in the morning are bad for you, papaya is not one of the villains. As a matter of fact, this delicious fruit breaks down an enzyme called papain which helps your digestion and is even thought to lower the risk of colon cancer. A great one for brekkie!

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1. Coffee: bad


This is seriously bad news for all the coffee lovers out there. If you need a cup of joe to get your morning started, you might want to think again. That’s because the high amount of caffeine in coffee can cause acid build-up which can in turn lead to heartburn and indigestion.