20 Dumbasses Who Got Busted By Posting Their Crimes on Facebook

Image: Facebook/Ashley DuBoe

We can’t speak from experience, but if we were master criminals, then the last thing we’d want to do is write about it online. It’s just common sense, right? Well, this simple fact is something that was lost entirely on these wannabe crooks. Indeed, they were dumb enough to think that they could turn to Facebook to advertise their crimes and still get away with it. D’oh.

Image: Facebook/Crime Pays Zoe Dollaz

20. Jean Jacques


In 2012 thief Jean Jacques reportedly robbed an acquaintance and then posted the spoils of the robbery online under the alias “Crime Pays Zoe Dollaz.” Jacques forgot, though, that his victim had his phone number and could easily connect him to the Facebook account with a simple search. Jacques, then, quickly found himself sitting in a Florida jail cell.

Image: via YouTube/TomoNews US

19. Taylor Harrison

In 2014 Floridian Taylor Harrison posted a selfie of himself holding piles of money and drugs on Facebook and wrote that he could deal his stash right under the noses of the cops. This alerted police to his presence, and Harrison was later arrested for attempting to hawk his goods to an undercover cop.

Image: Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office

18. James Tindell

In 2012 convicted thief James Tindell taunted his probation officer on Facebook after breaking the terms of his parole. However, police easily located him after the probation officer checked Facebook and found that Tindell had posted giveaway details on the site. At point, for instance, Tindel wrote, “I’m in Alabama.”

Image: via Oddee

17. Naomi Anderson


Naomi Anderson was asking for trouble when in 2011 the 23-year-old Australian decided to film herself decapitating a mouse and post the clip on Facebook. The video was reported to law enforcement, and troubled Anderson was later given community service and ordered to seek psychiatric care.

Image: Utah County Sheriff’s Office

16. Benjamin Rutkowski and Kai Christensen

In 2012 the Utah County Sheriff’s Office discovered a set of theoretically lethal “booby traps” that they believed were fixed to catch human victims, though luckily no one was actually hurt. Investigators were eventually led to Benjamin Steven Rutkowski and Kai Matthew Christensen after the pair had allegedly claimed ownership of the devices on Facebook. The pair were charged with reckless endangerment.

Image: via Daily Mail

15. Michele Grasso


Sicilian drug dealer Michele Grasso was clearly enjoying his freedom after fleeing his native country – where he was wanted for arrest – for London, England in 2012. Indeed, the dopey dealer uploaded pictures of his new setting to Facebook, and he was speedily sent back home as a result.

Image: via YouTube/FTM Studios

14. Craig Lynch

Briton Craig Lynch just couldn’t help but taunt the cops after he escaped from prison in 2010. He was actually on the run for four months, and his Facebook page was followed by as many as 40,000 people in that time. However, the social media frenzy came to an abrupt halt when the police were finally able to track him down.

Image: Utica Police Department

13. Victor Burgos


Incredibly, 29-year-old absconder Victor Burgos goaded the police by posting on his Facebook page, “Catch me if you can, I’m in Brooklyn.” Unfortunately for him, that’s exactly what they did – and Burgos was even checking Facebook when he was caught.

Image: via Daily Mail

12. Michael Ruse

In June 2012 Briton Michael Ruse was in court waiting the outcome of his assault trial. He had maintained his innocence, but before the jury came back with their verdict Ruse posted on Facebook that he reckoned he was going to “get away with it.” Alas, the judge discovered his update, and Ruse was forced to concede his guilt. Consequently, he was given a suspended sentence.

Image: Facebook/Des Moines Police

11. Andrew Bolden


In May 2014 the Des Moines Police Department uploaded surveillance pictures of Andrew Allen Bolden and stated that Bolden had attempted to pilfer $850 of stock from a Sears store. Bolden then took it upon himself to comment on the post, stating that he “didn’t rob anything” and only “shoplifted and ran away.” He was later arrested.

Image: via CBC Cleveland

10. Michael Baker

It’s possible that Michael Baker would never have been caught pinching gas from a Jenkins Police Department car. That is, if his partner hadn’t taken a picture of him in the act and put it on Facebook. This was in April 2012, and Baker was later arrested and charged with theft.

Image: via True Crime Report

9. Rodney Knight Jr


In December 2010 19-year-old Rodney Knight Jr robbed the home of Marc Fisher, and then used Fisher’s son’s Facebook page to post a snap of himself wearing Fisher’s coat and holding his money. Unsurprisingly, in May 2011 Knight Jr was handed a three-and-a-half-year jail sentence for this and other crimes.

Image: Tampa Police Department

8. Rashia Wilson

Rashia Wilson couldn’t have been completely stupid, considering that she was alleged to have stolen up to $20 million. But then in 2011 the Florida woman called herself the “queen of IRS tax fraud” on Facebook, and she was later given a 21-year prison sentence. So she may have been a bit stupid, after all.

Image: Facebook/John Mogan

7. John Mogan


These bank-robbing beaus just couldn’t resist flashing the cash on Facebook merely days after 28-year-old John Mogan robbed a bank in Ashville, Ohio with the aid of his 24-year-old girlfriend Ashley Duboe. The bills-filled pictures went viral, and the pair were swiftly arrested. In January 2016 they were both given jail terms.

Image: via lamebook

6. Jesse Hippolite

It seems 24-year-old Jesse Hippolite used his Facebook page to brag about his criminal career; at one point, he wrote, “I Gotta Get that $$$$$,” less than hour before robbing a bank. The Brooklyn felon was later caught, and in 2013 he was handed a 150-month jail term.

Image: Jacob Cox-Brown

5. Jacob Cox-Brown


On New Year’s Day in 2013 cops arrested 18-year-old Oregon teenager Jacob Cox-Brown at his home. The dumb youngster was booked with “two counts of failing to perform the duties of a driver,” after police found that he had bragged about a drunk driving incident on Facebook.

Image: via Register-Star

4. Hudson teenagers

This 2012 Facebook fail saw not one, but four criminals in hot water. Indeed, one of the New Jersey group, which included Tayron Alonzo Bryan, Corey D. Wright, and Kevron T. Lee, reportedly posted a picture on Facebook of them vandalizing a police vehicle. Naturally, the majority of the youths ended up in front of a city judge not long afterward.

Image: Fredericksburg Police Department

3. Amanda Crelia


This extremely bizarre 2011 case saw 25-year-old Virginian Amanda Crelia boasting about a stolen 80-pound baby Jesus statue. The figure was later found in Crelia’s dad’s garage, and Crelia was charged with grand larceny.

Image: via Smosh

2. Nate Shaw

Planking – that long-ago internet craze – seems to have disappeared, but not before this guy got arrested for it. Mind you, Australian Nate Shaw did post a snap of himself planking on a cop car to Facebook in 2011, so perhaps he deserved it.

Image: Facebook/Maxi Sopo

1. Maxi Sopo


If you’re on the run for fraud, it’s best to lay low. Unfortunately, 26-year-old Maxi Sopo didn’t heed this simply advice in 2009, and, after stupidly adding an erstwhile justice department employee as a friend on Facebook, he was tracked down to Mexico with the help of some pretty alluring posts. He was, of course, arrested.