10 Creative Ways to Combat Climate Change: World Environment Day Special

This year’s motto of the UN World Environment Day is “Your Planet Needs You – UNite to Combat Climate Change.” Reason enough for us at Environmental Graffiti to look at ten innovative ways, featured over the course of the last year, in which we all can do our bit, knowingly or unknowingly.

And as you will see, you can do your bit in all aspects of life, right from living, working hard, playing hard and working out, to praying hard, getting around and saying the last good-bye. Amen.

The Dog-powered Tricycle

Why walk the dog when the dog can walk you? Works best with aggressive or overactive dogs – simply put them to work with the Dog Powered Bike or Trike and off you go. Here’s the scope.

Dog-powered trikePhoto:
Image: Mark Schuette

The Green Microgym

Those feeling a little overactive themselves can now not only channel their extra energy but also use it to create power for this green gym. Find out how.

Green gymPhoto:
Image via The Green Microgym

The Eco-nightclub

You’re gonna love this next item because now even your drunken night out on the town can be eco-friendly! In this eco-nightclub, a custom-made floor creates “dancefloor power” that is then used to power parts of the nightclub. Let’s just hope their dancefloor is never empty. Here’s how it works.

Power dancefloorPhoto:
Image: Steve & Sara

Living Walls

Imagine that nightclub with living walls – wouldn’t that be a cool, almost 360 degree green place? While vertical gardens and sky farms are projects that still need some work before they become an everyday reality, living walls are already quite prominent at a public place near you. We especially like the do-it-yourself kits that can even insulate parts of one’s home. Neat! Here’s more info.

Living wall in Avignon, FrancePhoto:
Image: Superbus

The Eco-friendly Army

Even the army has caught on to finding ways to save money and the environment. Find out about hybrid vehicles and explosives that turn into manure. Maybe their new motto is “Kill your enemy but not the environment”?

Eco-friendly army
Image: dunechaser

Glass Made from Human Waste

Speaking of manure, who would’ve thought that even doing the big job could be green? Kitengela Glass, an art collective near Nairobi National Park, has found a way to make glass and beautiful glass art with the help of human and animal faeces. Here’s the scoop.

Kitengela glass-stained windowPhoto:
Image: Kitengela Glass

Composting the Dead

Going a step further, there are ways to guarantee that one’s body is useful even after life on Earth. Here’s a look at companies that provide eco-friendly burials.

Environmentally Friendly Mainstream Religions

While we’re on the topic (kind of), let’s talk about green philosophies of this life and the ones that might be following. Would environmentally friendly religions guarantee a greener Earth? What do you think? Maybe the next invention will provide clues.

Human-powered Ferris Wheels

India, not usually known for its environmental consciousness, comes up with environmentally friendly solutions by chance – like this human-powered Ferris wheel. Though security inspectors in the western world may shudder upon seeing this contraption, in India and other parts of the world, they are the norm and parents do not hesitate to thrust their kids into its metal claws or to take a seat themselves. Read more.

Human-powered Ferris wheel in IndiaPhoto:
Image: sourabhj

Green Credit Cards

Finally, let’s talk about the place where environmental consciousness usually ends because it hurts most – the wallet. In theory, supporting environmental friendly products may sound great, but would you fork out an extra ten bucks for a green product? Now, you can shop and be green by using a green credit card.

Drop us a line if you know of similar ways to be green in everyday life.