16 Bizarre Chairs To Liven Up Your Living Room

chairPhoto: Via WebUrbanist
Chairs should be about comfort, style and functionality. What about being eccentric and mind blowing? The chair above was designed by Fabio Novembre. Who wouldn’t want a chair shaped like a woman’s bum? chairPhoto: Via WebUrbanist
recycled furniturePhoto: Via Neatorama
Personally, the following picture is something to write home about. It looks like a sea anemone and is made of paper towels. This is definitely ergonomic and environmentally friendly. It can be made of recycled paper that otherwise may not be used for other things. The Cabbage Chair comes in many wonderful colors. chairPhoto: Via WebUrbanist
Do you want a chair that reminds you of an octopus or snake? Here you go. It’s fittingly called the Octopus Chair. It can be stored by wrapping it up as indicated. Hope no one has a fear of snakes… chairPhoto: Via WebUrbanist chairPhoto: Via WebUrbanist chairPhoto: Via WebUrbanist
Below you will see the Orchid Chair. Warning: don’t sit in this chair if you have bad gas. It also looks highly uncomfortable, but the materials are from recycled wares. The chair come in black and orange – perfect for Halloween. chairPhoto: Via WebUrbanist furniturePhoto: Via FurnitureDesign
I personally love the chair featured below. However, it also doesn’t seem comfortable. But it claims to be environmentally friendly. The wood is Wisteria and the chair is aptly named Azelea Wood Chair. chairPhoto: Via WebUrbanist chairPhoto: Via WebUrbanist
The above chair is called the Conflict. It is humorous and sarcastically witty and that’s why I love it. Created by Aviad Gil, it is molded from olive wood. One can sit down on either side, but not on both at the same time. This creates a forceful compromise.

Want sensuality and a chair that reflects your warm, harmonious soul? Check out the chairs below. Designed by JGreen, Design Milk and Green Upgrader, one can exude “green envy” with style and luxury! chairPhoto: Via WebUrbanist chairPhoto: Via WebUrbanist chairPhoto: Via WebUrbanist
Never be without the Internet with the above chair. Designed by Claire Danthios, it would be easy to impress your guests while silently ignoring them in your chair. It’s ergonomic too.

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