16,500 Condoms Delivered to Antarctica Research Base


Image (c) National Science Foundation

Last month, researchers in Antarctica received about 16,500 condoms, which are being made available for free to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

The condoms were sent with the last shipment of supplies to McMurdo, a U.S. research station. The U.S. base is host to only 125 scientists over the winter, which has been the real issue here. Winter brings the region into total darkness and many of the researchers simply leave – it is a time when everybody knows everyone else and passes large amounts of time indoors. Purchasing condoms therefore, has become a somewhat uncomfortable business.

The McMurdo station manager said that people get bored especially in this period, but they know how to occupy their time.

After the winter and up until the sun rises in full on August 20th, the base is to be repopulated and the number of researchers will grow to about 1,100.Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

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