Global Marijuana March Hits Toronto: 20,000 Light up.

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“We’re letting them smoke if they want to smoke,” one policeman said with a chuckle and a shrug. “The city gave them a permit.”

Yes, yesterday marked the Toronto celebrations of the 10th Global Marijuana March; an annual rally, campaigning for the decriminalization and a celebration of cannabis. The march takes place in over two hundred cities around the world. However, the biggest and best part is in Toronto, where lenient cannabis laws married with political pressure from liberals has mushroomed the size of the event.

Literally thousands of potheads of all ages took to the streets. The protest was noisy: people shouted slogans such as “free the weed,” motorists honked their horns in approval and huge wafts of Marijuana smoke perfumed the air.

Police presence was barely evident – there were only a few officers surrounding the park and controlling the flow of people.

It’s not really surprising that this was the case. Everyone seems to be pretty confused on the whole issue. In Canada. marijuana is not only used for medical purposes, but the liberal government tried to decriminalize it in 2006. Unfortunately the conservatives stepped in (as usual) and quashed the bill.

One can only hope that once the smoke settles, a definitive stance is reached either way because it isn’t healthy to leave issues hanging in the air.

We’d love to hear your opinion on the issue and if any of you attended the march it would be great to hear some of your stories!

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