London Considering Plastic Bag Ban

London area stores may stop giving plastic bags to customers under a new law designed to make the British capital greener.

plastic bag

The group that represents the 33 various London area councils, London Councils, hopes to cut down on the number of plastic bags that end up as litter or in the landfill. Currently, around 4 billion plastic bags go to landfills each year in London, and around 10 billion are used by British shoppers every year.

One option the councils are considering is having a tax of 10p to 15p per bag, although the Treasury department will likely veto such a move. A more likely option is that shoppers will have to buy reusable bags at the store or bring their own reusable bags with them.

The idea has already been put into practice in several other towns successfully. A recent poll showed that 60% of Londoners were in favour of such a move.

Source: Telegraph

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