Rio Live Earth Dead in the Water

Live Earth is just slightly less global this afternoon. Organisers of the series of concerts, aimed to promote awareness of climate change, had hoped that the concerts would take place on every continent bar Antarctica. However, it looks like they’re going to have to drop South America from the list.

Copacabana by environmental graffiti, a UK based environmental blog

The Rio concert, which was to take place on the city’s famous Copacabana Beach, has been cancelled amid security concerns. The bash was to be the only free Live Earth event and was to feature artists such as Macy Gray and Lenny Kravitz.

The concert was cancelled by the Brazilian authorities after a request from prosecutor Denise Tarin, who argued that there were simply not enough police officers available to control an audience that could exceed 700,000.

However, the concert organisers say they plan to appeal the decision. The concerts, proceeds from which will go to Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection, should still go ahead in London, New Jersey, Jo’burg, Tokyo, Hamburg, and Shanghai.