Scarcity Will Mean Conflict

Climate change could be a massive national security threat that ends globalisation, according to national security experts.


Leon Fuerth of George Washington University said global warming could lead to a new political model where scarcity of resources dictates the terms of international relations. Global cooperation would end as a resource rich world would be replaced by one where scarcity is king.

Fuerth, former national security advisor to vice-president Al Gore, said: “Some of the consequences could essentially involve the end of globalization as we have known it … as different parts of the Earth contract upon themselves in order to try to conserve what they need to survive.”

Rich countries will begin to start “kicking people away from the lifeboat”, keeping out immigrants and fomenting extreme hatred between groups. Massive migrations will take place as people attempt to move to places where resources are more plentiful.

Using the IPCC’s middle of the road estimate, the experts found that humans likely face an uncertain future involving wars, food and water shortages, horrific natural disasters, and disease outbreaks. They call the changes inevitable, regardless of changes in policy.

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