Sustainable Books

An exciting, new green company has started up in the last couple of weeks to cater for the eco-conscious book lover. Eco-libris plants trees on behalf of customers, offsetting the environmental damage created by the book itself.

sustainable books by environmental graffiti, a UK based environmental blog

The company works with three grassroots charities in Central America and Malawi, who are working towards reforestation of areas destroyed by ‘slash and burn’ farming methods. Raz Godelnik, the company’s founder told us that he hopes to balance out half a million books by 2008.

We think that this eco-company is a great way of “doing your bit” for the environment with minimum hassle. Their ethos reminds me ofSheherazade Goldsmith‘s book “A Slice of Organic life,” which gives you tips on how to go green without feeling guilty or making major lifestyle changes.

We give Ecolibris a big thumbs-up. They’re great!