Tales From Two Thousand Trees

We’re back from Two Thousand Trees, sunburnt (despite some torrential rain) and muddy. The festival was as chilled out as they come. Relaxed, friendly, and with lots of sitting round what would have been campfires but for ‘health and safety’, singing and drinking (cask conditioned ale and cider) till the small hours.

frank turner by environmental graffiti, a UK based environmental blog

The music was pretty hot as well. Former Million Dead front man, Frank Turner was a fantastic headliner – kind of like Billy Bragg but talented. Emma McGlynn was sexy and emotionally raw. Beans on Toast was just downright disturbing and very, very, funny. It was great to hear so many talented unknown acts like the Bristol based pop/jazz/swing/folk band Bizali, who combined amazing vocals with funky dancing.

And we even got to feel all environmentally smug for being there. Maker Green Team were recycling virtually everything that could be recycled, the coffee was all fair-trade and the organisers were planting a tree for every ticket sold. Forget Live Earth, Two Thousand Trees made green rock.