Winchester: UK’s Dirtiest City

Following up our earlier article on the UK’s greenest city, we bring you the town with the biggest carbon footprint in Britain: Winchester.


Winchester was handed the illustrious crown as the result of a report by conservation group WWF, which measured the average environmental impact of residents in 60 cities throughout Britain.

The main factors measured to decide an individual’s ecological footprint were transportation, housing, food, consumer goods, consumer goods, and public and private services. The environmental footprint was measured by the area of land and ocean required to feed, make energy, produce resources, and absorb the waste and pollution produced by residents.

The WWF commissioned the report to show the ways in which British residents are living unsustainably, and to show ways to change their lifestyles. The results were particularly depressing as even the lowest-ranked city consumed far more resources than necessary. If all humans had the same rate of consumption and carbon emissions as the UK, three planets would be required to support the population.

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