Swedish Professor Warns Against Tight Bras

Ah, Sweden. A nation known, at least among famously bookish Americans, largely for having a phenomenal Bikini Team, now has a professor who is taking care to warn the women of the world: don’t wear bras that are too tight.
Image from citycvhswm on Flickr

Professor Goran Samsioe of Lund University has announced that wearing a bra that is too tight may adversely affect how the female form, er, forms. Apparently elastic tissue in the body, which serves a support purpose not unlike that of the brassiere itself, is stunted if not presented with the challenge of natural movement on a daily basis. If the movement is restricted too much, this tissue won’t fully develop, leading to a–cover your eyes, faint of heart– decrease in the distance between the nipples and the ground among women who wear bras.