20 Shady Secrets That Companies Wanted Their Employees To Hide From Customers

Image: Christopher Flowers

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that many big companies are prone to a little dishonesty and deception. But you may be astonished by the lengths to which some of them go. Indeed, from restaurants reusing products to adoption agencies lying about where your money’s going, these businesses are apparently hiding some shady secrets from customers. Not only that, but they’re also using their employees to do so.

Image: Nehrams2020

20. Made in New Jersey


“I worked at an art store that sold glass, mostly made in China with very few actual nice pieces. We were told to peel the ‘Made in China’ stickers off. If anyone asked where the glass came from we would say New Jersey, which is where the supplier was from.”

Yeah, we’re pretty sure this isn’t totally above board. In fact, it’s so far under board that we’re really not surprised the employees were forced to bend the truth. Sure, you could argue that New Jersey is indeed one place the glass literally “comes from,” but we all know what customers are really asking about here.