20 Smart Travel Hacks To Make Your Vacation Go Without A Hitch

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There’s a travel hack for absolutely everything. Whether it’s how to safely pass liquids through airport security or what to do with your jewelry when you’re packing your case – someone has dreamed up an ingenious solution. These are the 20 travel hacks you can’t do without.

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20. Stop folding your clothes

There are always loads of tops, dresses and pants you never seem to have room for in your suitcase. Solve that problem by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Simple but effective. In fact, rumor has it that’s how flight attendants pack – and you know they’re pros.

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19. Give a TicTac case a whole new lease of life

Losing bobby pins is the bane of many a woman’s life. Keep track of your pins by packing them in a TicTac case to keep them from wandering off.

Image: via KingKitsu

18. Repurpose your contact lens container

Planning all your glam holiday outfits is pretty exciting. Losing one earring in the depths of your suitcase, however, is not. Avoid the horror of having mismatched earrings by carefully storing them in a contact lens container.

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17. Dump the cookies and bag bargain flights


There’s nothing more irritating than going to book your flights and finding out that they’ve shot up astronomically in price since the last time you checked. But did you know that your browsing history might be to blame for the sudden price leap? Try clearing your cookies and cache and you could find the price goes back down. Magic.

Image: Workshifting

16. Put your cables where you can find them

Phone charger cables are often the one thing it’s just impossible to find when you go to unpack. Well, here’s a handy hack to make sure your phone never runs out of juice. Instead of stuffing your cables loose in your case, wrap them together and pack them in an empty sunglasses case. You’ll know where they are, and your cables will stay protected too.

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15. Pack your shoes in a new way


Packing shoes and boots is such a pain. In fact, it’s almost inevitable that your clothes will get covered in dirt from your soles at some point in transit. Enter the humble shower cap. Pack your shoes neatly in the cap and you’ll keep soiling to a minimum.

Image: via Symbianize

14. Put the hotel TV to good use

Arrived at your destination to find you’ve got the phone, the charging cable, but you’ve forgotten to pack the charger port? It’s a total disaster. But before you abandon your trip completely, check the back of the TV in your hotel room. Chances are, it’ll have a USB port. And hey presto: a charged phone.

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13. Make a nifty trash can for the car


Road trips are the absolute best. But fast food wrappers, chip packets and soda cans littered all over your car can harsh that road trip vibe. So bring along a cereal container and use it as an in-car trash can. Problem solved.

Image: POPSUGAR Photography / Lisette Mejia

12. Bag up your phone

Dropping your phone in the pool or sea: it’s a vacation no-no. Stop it from happening by using a plastic baggy for your phone. It will also stop your phone getting sandy. Plus, if you get one that fits you can often use the phone while it’s in there. Nifty.

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11. Sign up to a boring newsletter


No one wants another mailer clogging up their inbox, especially one from a big corporation. But bite the bullet and sign up to airline newsletters and you probably won’t regret it. Because from time to time they’ll send you flash sales and discount flight deals. Worth it.

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10. Get two trips in one

We’re willing to bet you didn’t know that many airlines will let you take advantage of their stopover deals. And essentially that means bagging two trips in one vacation but paying the same price. Icelandair, Finnair and Singapore Airlines are just some of the awesome companies that offer fab stopover deals.

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9. Get instant flight oatmeal


And no, we’re not talking about the crappy oatmeal they give you on the plane. All you have to do before you set off on your vacation is pop some oats, nuts and seeds in a baggy. Then when you’re on board your flight, ask for some hot water, and you’ve got some “home-made” oatmeal right there.

Image: Dan Hurt

8. Get water through security

We all know by now that you can’t get any liquids through airport security unless they’re under 100ml. But with this sneaky hack, you’ll be able to get loads of liquids through TSA. All you have to do is freeze your water before you go. Genius.

Image: Yahoo

7. Get all your wifi passwords right


Having no internet abroad is just not an option. And trying to figure out wifi passwords – especially in a different language – can be a real pain. This neat hack, however, might just save your data: simply go on the FourSquare profile for wherever you happen to be and search the comments for the wifi password.

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6. Bind up your razors

Pesky nicks and cuts from razors can really dull your vacation buzz. So why not protect your fingers by placing a big binder clip over the top of all your blades? Problem solved.

Image: ASSY

5. Stay connected all the time


Go one step better than hunting passwords for wifi that’ll be slow anyway. Purchase your own portable hotspot and you’ll be able to easily connect all your mobile devices on the go, with options to pay-as-you-go or buy daily data. Sure to make vacation planning and Instagram boasting that much easier.

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4. Don’t hit buy at the weekend

We know, we know – the weekend is the most convenient time to book flights for your next big vacay. But resist the urge, because the experts say the prices tend to decrease after the weekend. In fact, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to buy.

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3. Scan your ID


It’s not always safe to take your passport out with you when you’re traveling. So make sure you always have digital ID on you by taking a photo of your passport and keeping it handy in your phone’s pictures.

2. Make your own mobile TV

Budget airline with no TV? Besides making sure you never book a long haul flight with that airline again, MacGyver your own in-seat TV by putting your phone or tablet inside a clear baggy. Then, hang it from the back of the tray table.

Image: Amanda Mills, USCDCP

1. Get over jet lag


Jet lag is arguably the worst part about going on vacation. Don’t let it drag you down by doing this one simple thing. Try some light exercise like walking or jogging before you leave and you’ll find you won’t be half as tired when you land.