19 People Who Proved The Doubters Wrong In Consummate Style

Have you ever done something so unbelievable that you just had to find a way to prove it to people? Probably – we’ve all seen or done some crazy things. And now that everyone’s carrying a camera in their pockets, it makes the burden of proof a lot easier. However, these geniuses took things to the next level by not only proving their doubters wrong, but also doing so in the most awesome ways possible.

19. This Security Guard

My friend told me he was working security for the Dalai Lama. I didn’t believe him until he posted this on his Facebook

Well, that’s definitely one way to prove the doubters wrong. After all, even in a world where Photoshop exists, this looks pretty darn definitive. And to top it off, it’s not like it’s just a selfie he’s taken with the Dalai Lama in the background. No, it’s way more awesome than that.

18. This Committed Husband

Told the wife the floor was gross and needed cleaning. Told her I was willing to do it. She said we don’t need to. Clean half she said and let’s see the difference…. mission accomplished. (We don’t have tiled floors)

Was this worth the monumental effort that it must have taken? Of course. Because if you’re going to prove someone wrong, you may as well do it in such a way that they can never doubt you again. Indeed, there really seems to be no way back for his wife after this.


17. This Pepsi Fan

Uncle kept this 35 years because his mom told him he wouldn’t.

Kids aren’t usually the best at keeping their word, especially when it comes to long-term projects. And you can hardly blame them – at that age, their attention spans are pretty short. But this guy stuck to his guns for a whopping three-and-a-half decades, and you’ve got to admire him for that.

16. This Bald Superhero

He said he had a “bald man super power.” I didn’t believe him.


This almost makes us want to shave our head and give it a go for ourselves. Because really, what other explanation is there for this physics-defying feat than literal superpowers? Yes, this is essentially a reverse Samson, whereby losing all his hair has actually given him additional power. We’re in awe.

15. This Husband And Cat

My wife was angry at me for buying such a huge cat tree for our blind cat. “She’s blind. She won’t be able to climb that thing!!!!”. 36 hours later….

Sure, it may have taken the poor pussycat a whopping day-and-a-half to make her way to the top of the tree. But really, it’s just remarkable that she made it there at all. Somehow, we don’t think anyone will ever doubt the talents of this extraordinary cat ever again.


14. This Vegetable Cutter


People think I’m terrible at cooking, so when I offered to help with Thanksgiving, my family said, “Just cut vegetables for the veggie tray.” Fine. I made this to prove my worth.

Can you imagine the looks on the rest of the family’s faces when this incredible food artist presented their masterpiece? If it was us, you’d better believe that we’d be handing over the rest of the meal to them, too. After all, have you ever seen anybody make a point so creatively?

13. This Watermelon Carver

My grandmother didn’t think I could handle a fruit salad for the Fourth of July…

Grandmother zero, grandkid one. Indeed, this is totally one of the most impressive fruit salad servings we’ve ever seen. Somehow, we don’t think that their grandmother will be doubting them again any time soon. Their culinary skills are clearly a cut above.


12. This Tired Husband


After months of denial and many nights on the couch. I finally got the evidence to prove to my wife why she sleeps better than I do.

We’re not averse to cuddling our pets – what kind of monster would be? – but sometimes, you just need your own space. Like at night, for instance, when you’re trying to sleep. And that’s clearly not happening for this guy. Still, at least his wife can now understand what he’s been going through.

11. This Handy Husband

My wife said I couldn’t build a fence because I’m not “handy.” Well I showed her… how good she is at reverse psychology.

Sure, this guy’s wife may well have got a fence built with minimal fuss. But really, it’s still the husband who’s come out on top. After all, he’s now proved he’s actually very handy. So, when his wife asks him to do something around the house, he’ll be able to step up to the plate. Every single time. Hang on…


10. This Determined Girlfriend

Told my girlfriend it was impossible to stand a coin on its side


Now this is what you call going the extra mile. Indeed, as if to prove that the first coin on its side wasn’t just a fluke, this woman lined up dozens of them and still managed to keep each one standing. It doesn’t get much more definitive than this.

9. This Colorful Boyfriend

Girlfriend is always telling me my shirts are the same color. I had to prove her wrong.

To be fair, if you pointed at all these shirts and said “blue,” you wouldn’t be too wide of the mark. After all, each one is pretty much part of the same hue. But if you’re being technical about it, there’s no doubt that these aren’t exactly the same shades. And this is as stylish a way to prove it as any.


8. This Confident Contractor


Contractor gets in the cabinet he just built to prove its sturdiness

Frankly, we’re just impressed that this guy managed to fit inside the cabinet, let alone that it holds his weight. But hey, there’s absolutely no arguing with his claims about its robustness now. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to prove it with everything he builds – something’s bound to give eventually.

7. This Traveler

My friends go to great lengths to prove me wrong. Apparently there really is a pole down there.

Imagine needing to prove someone wrong so badly that you travel all the way to the South Pole to do so. Really, you’ve just got to admire that level of dedication to the facts. And these folks clearly went the extra mile, or the extra several thousand miles, to prove their friend wrong.


6. This Grandpa


My grandpa kept telling me that he had 8 “gal pals” at his senior home. I didn’t believe him until I saw this picture hanging up on his fridge.

Yep, that’s definitely eight. So not only has this poor grandson been proved completely wrong in what might be the most consummately stylish way possible, but he also now has to deal with the fact that his grandpa is way, way cooler than him.

5. This Monopoly Fan

I was arrested at a protest Wednesday. The trooper asked me what was in my pockets. He didn’t believe me.

Yes, this guy genuinely did have a “Get Out of Jail Free” card in his pocket. Alas, it turns out that the rules of Monopoly don’t apply to real life, as he still had to pay $300 to get out. Maybe next time he should just bring the Monopoly money with him, too…



Image: lls1494

4. This Girlfriend

my boyfriend doesn’t believe that his cat bullies mine

If there’s one surefire way to settle something like this, it’s with a hilarious photo. Yes, we’re pretty confident that this boyfriend won’t be able to deny his cat’s heinous behavior any longer. Once he’s stopped laughing at the expression on his girlfriend’s cat’s face, of course.

3. This Wife

#thingsmyhusbandsaid #onceuponatime “We don’t *need* a dog…” #hewaswrong #convert #dogperson

To be fair, this husband might not have needed a dog. But he sure is enjoying its company now that it’s here, which is enough to show that he should never have doubted his wife. After all, who wouldn’t love having an adorable pooch like this around? Yeah, we’re not surprised that she managed to prove him wrong…


2. This Fashionable Boyfriend


Before I left for work, my girlfriend said I was dressed like an old man. I didn’t believe her until this happened.

Yep, that’ll do it. Indeed, it’s not just the same type of clothing, but the exact same color combination, too. Either this guy really does dress like an old man, or that’s him from the future. We know which we’re going with, and it definitely doesn’t prove him right.

1. This Ostrich Owner

I didn’t believe my friend when she said her sister’s friend bought an ostrich, so we asked for pics…

Let’s be honest: if someone told you that their friend had bought an ostrich of all things, you’d probably have a hard time believing it, too. And that just makes this picture all the more satisfying. You’d think that they’d have transported it in a car with a sunroof, though.