The 20 Most Inappropriate Jokes Sneaked Into Kids’ TV Shows

Image: via imgur/MordorGate

Censorship in children’s programming is a sticky subject. On one hand, it’s important to protect kids from harmful ideas. On the other, however, it’s imperative to provide children with entertaining programming. And this thin line has caused no end of problems, with broadcasting standards groups regulating what can be broadcast and what cannot.

Indeed, the difference between obscene and non-obscene can be marginal, and that’s where the difficulties lie. Nevertheless, sometimes rude jokes can in fact make it past the censors. Need proof? Well, look no further, as we count down the 20 most inappropriate jokes sneaked into kids’ TV shows.

Image: YouTube/Gheorghe Lazarof

20. A less than regal portrayal of Prince (The Animaniacs)


Let’s start with a truly shocking joke that made its way onto the cutesy kids’ show The Animaniacs. Not only was it baffling that music icon Prince was featured on the show, but the joke about him was pretty strange, too. Featuring characters Yakko and Dot, the former asks Dot to dust for prints, with Dot emerging holding Prince. Yakko then says, “No, fingerprints.” However, Dot, having clearly heard something much more rude, replies bemusedly, “I don’t think so.” Even more disturbing, though, is that grin on the singer’s face…