Easy Potty Training Tips for Dogs

Is your dog peeing and going potty wherever he wants?

If so, check out these tips that will have you and your dog wagging your tails.

Whenever your pooch has to pee follow him to the backyard. Lay a sheet of newspaper on the pee stain. Grab another sheet of yesterday´s news and put it on top of the first one. Put some rocks on the corners of both sheets of paper, and that is it.

Your mutt will go only where you put the sheets. For better results change the sheets every day.

Your carpet will no longer smell like a stadium bathroom, guaranteed!

But what about number two? Well, there is another simple solution for that.
Go to a home improvement store and buy a square meter of artificial grass.
Place the grass square anywhere you want.
Put some plant soil and real grass on the artificial grass.
Remember that dogs have a powerful sense of smell and cannot be fooled.

Your dog will sniff the grass square and poop there, and ONLY there. Say goodbye to uggly messes when you return home.