20 Bizarre But Strangely Awesome Things You Can Buy For Your Beloved Pet

Image: Pooch Selfie via Top Dog Tips

People can’t do enough for their non-human family members, which is why they shower them with goofy gifts. Some of the following pet products may be more useful than others, but if you have some money to burn then they might be the perfect purr-chase for you and your furry friend.

Image: Ruffwear via Amazon

20. Paw Protector Booties

Dogs wearing boots – next they’ll be playing poker. At anywhere from $7 to $67 on Amazon, dog booties, which protect furry feet from rough terrain, hot sidewalks and sharp objects, make your canine companion look strangely human. Just make sure they tie their laces.

Image: OHF via Amazon

19. Pet Poncho

Averaging at $15 on Amazon, pet raincoats bring new meaning to the phrase “salty old seadog.” They keep your companions dry in bad weather and also prevent that wet dog smell. Sadly, none of them prevent wet human smell.

Image: Earth Rated via PetSmart

18. Lavender-scented Poop Bags

Let’s face it, even if they’re on a diet of flowers your dog’s poop will never smell of roses. Earth Rated’s Lavender-Scented Dog Waste Bags, however, can make it smell of, you guessed it, lavender. You can pick them up for $11.99 from PetSmart.

Image: The U.S. Army

17. Doggy Sunglasses


Roni Di Lullo’s Doggles were named one of the Daily Mail’s most useless inventions ever, but maybe the newspaper’s tongue was firmly in its cheek. They come in prescription form for dogs with failing eyesight and protect the eyes of army dogs working in sandy countries. They can be picked up on Amazon for around $25.

Image: Pooch Selfie via Top Dog Tips

16. Pooch Selfie

Why should your dog be looking at your camera when she could be chasing a squirrel? Found on Amazon for $12.99, the Pooch Selfie is a smartphone attachment topped with the best alternative to dog hypnosis – a squeaky tennis ball. Quick, take the picture before she leaps for it!

Image: iFetch via petshow.cc

15. iFetch


Lazy dog owners rejoice. This isn’t the next Pixar mascot but the iFetch automatic ball launcher that keeps your pet occupied while you get exhausted watching. Its $199.99 price tag is pretty steep, but just think of all the times you’ll be spared having to pull your arm back to throw a ball.

Image: API via Amazon

14. Doggie Fountain

Dog fountains are pretty entertaining – you can watch your beloved canine press the paw-operated pedal and get all the water they want without the need to refill the bowl. Then again, the Doggie Fountain is listed on for Amazon almost $52, which would get you a fair few dog bowls.

Image: FroBo

13. Cool-as-ice Water Bowl


FroBo’s $29.99 pet bowl keeps your cat or dog’s water cool without the need for ice cubes or batteries. Just resist the temptation to stick your head in it when the weather gets too hot; your pet might take a video and post it online.

Image: via BigBreedDog.com

12. Pet Seat Belt

She won’t be able to stick her head out of the window as easily but with the $17.95 Dog Car Seat Belt at least your dog is safe if there’s ever a sudden stop or a minor traffic collision. No longer will she be able to lick your ear while you’re driving, either.

Image: Help ‘Em Wash

11. Pet Shower Curtain


Sometimes a dog needs to be showered with affection; other times they just need to be showered. The $24.99 Help ‘em Wash Pet Shower Curtain will save you from splashes, but you’ll still have to chase your pooch around with a towel afterwards to keep her off the couch.

Image: via Hammacher Schlemmer

10. Pet High Chair

If you’re disgusted with your dog’s table manners, you can always get her a high chair from Amazon so she can sit at the table with you. She’ll feel closer to you, but fancy dinner parties will still be awkward – who uses a soup spoon for ice cream?

Image: NiNANiNA via Etsy

9. Shark Blanket


Pets are friends, not food. Etsy’s made-to-order shark blanket may keep your pet warm, but at the same time your pooch looks as though it’s being eaten by Bruce from Jaws. Cute.

Image: SCS via Amazon

8. Pet Umbrella

If the doggy slicker is too ‘marina chic’ then consider using the Pet Umbrella to keep your dog dry. You can pick it up on Amazon for $6.49, but unless you want to juggle an umbrella for yourself too, you’ll have to shake yourself dry when you get home.

Image: SUCK UK via Amazon

7. Cat Turntable


If your cat has his own spinning cardboard turntable then you’ll prevent future claw marks on your records. SUCK UK’s $24 cat toy lets your feline friend sharpen his claws without damaging your sofa; that should buy you a day or two to shop for another he can ruin.

Image: Cat Crib via Amazon

6. Cat Crib

Found on Amazon for less than $30, the Cat Crib fits under your chair so the kitty has somewhere to sit near her favorite loyal subject. While space-saving is always welcome, you won’t be able to pretend to be a Bond villain as often without a cat on your lap.

Image: PetChatz

5. Pawcall


When you’re away the pets never bother to keep in contact. PetChatz’ Pawcall – available on Amazon for $379 – changes that with a button your best furry friend can use to talk to you and dispense treats. Now let’s hope the parrot calls you next so you can have a decent conversation.

Image: Catastrophic Creations

4. Cat Maze

As a loyal subject to the furry crown it’s your duty to sacrifice every inch of your house to the kitty kingdom. Catastrophic Creations’ wall-mounted Fabric Cat Maze – which retails for $150 – will keep your feline overlords from smashing your decorations, but you’ll still be under the iron paw of the aristocats.

Image: SUCK UK via Amazon

3. Catillac


Cats love boxes so they’ll no doubt get a kick from SUCK UK’s cardboard Catillac. Found on Amazon for $27, the box design is more for the entertainment of humans than for pets, but it may be useful if your feline is a cat burglar and needs a getaway driver.

Image: Designer Pet Eatery

2. Designer Pet Eatery

Are pet bowls that sit on the floor not good enough for your dog or cat? Then the Designer Pet Eatery, which retails for just under $52, is for you; or rather, your pet. It will look like your pet pal is dining out at a fancy eatery – until the food splatters against the wall, that is.

Image: Moody Pet via Amazon

1. Mustache Dog Toy


What could be better than a chew toy with an attached cartoon moustache? Very little, especially when it makes your dog look like Freddy Mercury. Sadly the Moody Pet Humunga Stache – which retails on Amazon for just over $11 – doesn’t make their barks any more musical but it’s still a kind of magic.