20 Bizarre Food Product Flops You Won’t Believe Ever Made it onto the Shelves

Image: via Guff

Food products are constantly being innovated, developed, rebranded and re-invented in an attempt to keep up with ever-changing demands and taste-buds of consumers. But change isn’t always a good thing.

In 2000, for example, Heinz decided to play with the colors of its ketchup. This EZ Squirt condiment was available in green, purple, blue and a “mystery color.” Although initially a hit, selling in excess of 25 million bottles, consumers soon realized how unappetizing fries look smothered in purple goo, and it was discontinued in 2006. Click on for 19 more food fails that should never have been served up…

Image: via CBS News

19. Pepsi A.M.


Pepsi holds a 30 percent share of the fizzy drinks market. Not most people’s idea of a breakfast beverage, the drinks manufacturer attempted to change that in the late 1980s with Pepsi A.M, which contained double the caffeine of its daytime counterpart. Within a year, however, it went flat and was discontinued.