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The Dramatic Reason Mark Harmon Left NCIS Mid-Season

When Gibbs swam away from his boat in the 18th season of NCIS, viewers thought that was the final curtain. Of course, it wasn’t, but he didn’t stick around for much longer after that. Why did Mark Harmon leave the show in such a dramatic fashion, though? And what was going on behind the scenes to cause his exit?

The end

There had been rumors about a departure during season 18, and fans could have been forgiven for thinking that Harmon would be leaving when his boat blew up. But Gibbs turned up again for the first few episodes of the 19th season before rapidly leaving again. So you can see why fans thought there could have been more to the situation than met the eye.

Rumors escalating

Rumors circulated for a good while that Harmon would be leaving the show. When Cote de Pablo came back — and we started to see a bit more of Ziva David — the idea got loose that she would fill Gibbs’ boots. Harmon had made no secret of his desire to spend more time on his ranch in Montana.

Unsurprising departure

So, perhaps it wasn’t entirely a surprise that producers wrote Gibbs out of the show. In the fateful episode, he finally finishes his business with Paul Lemere and disappears from view on his boat. And the opening episodes of the season certainly make Gibbs’ exit seem almost inevitable.

Central figure

Harmon has been involved with NCIS since it first aired in 2003. He’s appeared as Gibbs in more than 400 episodes! And it’s fair to say that he has been central to the show’s success. Only Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has aired for longer than NCIS. But will it survive the departure of Gibbs? Rumor has it that there’s a lot of angst on set, so maybe more people will follow in Harmon’s footsteps...

Too old for drama

Harmon turned 70 in September 2021. Maybe he felt he was too long in the tooth to deal with work drama. Perhaps it was time for him to take up some new hobbies or do more of what he used to love. When Harmon was younger, for instance, he was great at football — just like his dad. He was even good enough to pursue a career in it, but his good looks got him noticed elsewhere. Hollywood was calling!

Happy marriage

The fledgling actor also caught the eye of actress Pam Dawber. The two got hitched back in 1987, but it was no Hollywood wedding; only a handful of guests were invited. It’s fair to say they make a great couple, though. The pair are still together all these years later, and they’ve since had two boys to round out their family.

Comedy queen

You may remember Dawber, mainly if you were a fan of comedy back in the 1980s. Yes, she’s Mindy from Mork & Mindy. And as she also popped up in four episodes of NCIS in 2021, she would also have a glimpse at what it was like behind the scenes. So did Dawber have anything to do with Harmon’s departure?

Quiet lives

Given that they’re superstars, you’d think the couple must constantly be spread across the gossip pages, right? But, nope. They like to keep things private, and that began from day one. Dawber told People back when they were engaged, “We’re not trying to keep something secret, but if you don’t want it totally exploited by the press, you have to.”

Low profile

Dawber herself has kept a low profile, living mainly as a stay-at-home mom. She explained why to ET in 2016, saying, “I don’t think two people can work all the time in show business and stay married… I did everything you could do in this business. And then I had children, and it’s like, ‘I’m not going to chase this fame thing.’”

Mom stuff

Instead, Dawber found satisfaction in more day-to-day jobs. For example, she said, “I wanted to drive my kids to school. I wanted to be there for their birthdays and bring cupcakes and donuts and do the school festivals and all that, and I did. I got to teach in their art class... It was a different life then, and I was very happy to do it.”

Custody fight

Mind you; the pair haven’t always had it their way. Just after marrying, they went through some legal problems. Harmon was fighting his sister Kristin for custody of his teenage nephew. Kristin was accused of being a drug user, and Harmon wanted to give the kid a stable home. It all turned a bit nasty, though, when Dawber faced questioning about her alleged substance use.

No grudges

The whole affair did cause some troubles in Harmon and Dawber’s marriage. But Harmon and Kristin managed to patch up their relationship and were friendly enough until she passed away in 2018. An insider told OK! Why he’d been willing to make up with her, saying, “[Harmon is] a tough guy, but he’s loyal and doesn’t hold grudges.”

Acting bug

Still, the couple’s togetherness may suffer now that Harmon is out of the show. He was reported to be keen on “finally kicking back with his wife,” but Dawber has other ideas. The insider noted, “[She] feels [appearing on NCIS] could be her big shot to get back out there. [Dawber would] like to have [Harmon’s] support, but friends think she’ll follow her heart on this one.”

Perrette problems

Perhaps Harmon’s tales of on-set drama will put her off the idea. For one, when he was on the show, the actor seemed to have a fraught relationship with Pauley Perrette. The two fell out after Harmon’s dog reportedly snapped at a person working behind the scenes. That individual had to have stitches as a result.

Dogged co-star

But what supposedly ruffled Perrette’s feathers, even more was that after this, Harmon kept bringing Dave the dog to work with him. She confronted him about it, feeling it wasn’t very considerate. And while some allegedly felt Perrette was only saying what others were thinking, it didn’t go well with Harmon.

Different days

According to The Wrap, the two stars stopped working together simultaneously. Their parts were even written, so they didn’t end up next to each other on set. A source told the website in 2018, “She did her scenes on one day, and he did his work on other days, and they still produced a great show. So it was simply scheduled that they did not work the same days.”

Bad guy?

But Perrette was not content to let sleeping dogs lie after she left the show. Instead, she got on Twitter and let the world know she was unhappy. Followers learned that she felt the media was telling untruths about her. Then Perrette dropped the bombshell that “he” had done something terrible. And people reading didn’t seem to need two guesses who “he” was.

Gracious star

Perrette even claimed that Harmon had given her “nightmares.” But what’s amazing is that the accused actor kept mum about the whole affair. And when an insider shared what his views were, they weren’t what you could call fiery. That person told OK!, “He says he had nothing to do with it, and he wishes her the best.”

Matter resolved?

The network also chimed in, claiming that the dog incident wasn’t why Perrette left. A spokesperson said in a statement, “Pauley Perrette had a terrific run on NCIS, and we are all going to miss her. However, over a year ago, [she] came to us with a workplace concern. We took the matter seriously and worked with her to find a resolution. We are committed to a safe work environment on all our shows.”

High drama

And, of course, Harmon’s departure was also steeped in drama. First, Gibbs resolves his last case — and the cliffhanger that ends season 18. Then he turns in his badge and sails off on a boat. Regular viewers of NCIS will recognize the boat as the one Gibbs had been working on in his cellar.

Sad goodbye

After the last case is resolved in Alaska, Gibbs tells Timothy McGee, “I’m not going back home.” Resolving the matter had, he says, given him a “sense of peace.” And there may not have been a dry eye among the folk watching at home as Gibbs tells McGee how much he means to him.

Careless whispers

That ending hadn’t come as a complete surprise. There had been whispers about Harmon wanting to go long before the season began. The Hollywood Reporter even ran a story about how he was set to leave at the end of season 18. But Harmon signed up for another year — albeit in a restricted way.

Knowing when

Speaking to People in 2019, Harmon explained when he’d know the time was right to leave. The star said, “I’ve always thought if there’s ever a time where the writers are walking into the room and going, ‘I don’t know what to do,’ then I think we all have to look at each other and call it a day. But we’re not there yet.” It doesn’t look like they’d got to this point when Harmon did leave, though. So what happened?

No more

The actor even said you shouldn’t expect to see him in a similar role when he quit. Harmon explained, “I’ve been around long enough to know what this is. That commitment is part of what I signed up for. So I know when this show ends, that’s it. There won’t be anything else like this for me.”

Smaller workload

In 2019, an inside source told OK! that Harmon had been “saying for a long time that he needs more time off to spend with his family and that he wants a smaller workload.” That all came to a head at the end of season 18 when Harmon told the producers he wanted out. Why did the actor stay on, then? There was a fear that the show would be axed altogether if he left.

Cole comfort

Maybe Harmon felt he should stay long enough to bed in a replacement. And that’s not Cote de Pablo, after all. It’s not even Sean Murray. Instead, it's Gary Cole became a series regular in season 19. When his character Alden Parker was introduced, the network insisted that he was there to help — not take over from — Gibbs.

Top job

But as the new season progressed, it became obvious that Parker was in fact replacing Gibbs. Harmon’s leaving became all the more inevitable. And the network, it seemed, had not been quite straight with the fans.

Liar liar

Some fans were really annoyed when they realized what was going on. For one hardcore supporter of the show, it was too much to bear. They said CBS had “flat out” lied to the fans. And one thing in particular seemed to upset them.

Gargantuan task

It wasn’t that Cole had gotten the gig. After all, he’s a veteran actor who seems to be up to the gargantuan task of replacing Harmon. No, it was that McGee is not stepping up to become the central character. He’s been around since the first season, after all, and fans thought that he was being groomed for the job.

Sore about Gibbs

The fury was tangible as one fan tweeted, “You said Parker was not a replacement for Gibbs. That is exactly what you were planning.” And the anger didn’t stop there. “Second beef: Gibbs would have never recommended Parker over McGee for leader. The job should have been McGee’s!” they wrote.

Binder replies

Showrunner Steven D. Binder had an answer to the fan’s ire. He tweeted, “I, personally, would not presume to think Gibbs recommended Parker over McGee. I would like to think Gibbs and McGee had plenty of time to talk about the future and what McGee told Torres on the stake-out… Gibbs already knew…”

Not cool

But if Binder hoped that this would end the beef, he had another thing coming. Another fan tweeted, “Not cool, passing over McGee — inconsistent writing. After training and depending on McGee, Gibbs would have picked him.” And while McGee eventually makes it clear that he doesn’t want the job, fans didn’t buy that, either.

Anger expressed

One person wrote in defense of their favorite, “McGee deserves the job — not Parker. Boot Parker, give him his own team if necessary, but this team is McGee’s.” Another expressed their own angst at the decision, writing, “Really can’t believe that Vance offers Gibbs’ job to Parker! Slap in the face to McGee.”

More Gibbs

So, Gibbs is out, and Parker is in. And that’s it resolved, right? Well, not quite. Harmon is expected to return at some point as a guest. Given his importance to the show, it’s not really surprising. The actor will also remain involved in NCIS as an executive producer, so it’s not a completely clean break. The drama he experienced with Perrette wasn’t enough to keep him away for good.

Family man

For now, Harmon’s just chilling. OK!’s source said, “Mark may be worth well over $100 million, but he’s never been a big spender.” The actor even likes to do his own home repairs. “[Harmon] spends afternoons doing carpentry, working on his cars, or cooking with Pam [Dawber]. Those are the moments he cherishes,” the insider added.


Warming to the subject, the source continued, “[Harmon has] changed over the years. He’s mellowed with age, and he’s not as buttoned-up as he seems. He might come off as standoffish, but people will be shocked to know he has a great sense of humor and is actually a pretty easygoing guy.”

North star

But Binder didn’t expect that Harmon would leave the world of NCIS altogether. He said in a statement, “Our north star has always been staying true to our characters, and that truth has always guided the stories we tell and where those characters go. So, regarding the future of Gibbs, as long-time fans of the show may have noticed over the years… never count Leroy Jethro Gibbs out.”