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Twin Brothers Married To Twin Sisters Have Discussed Their Unusual Plan

When identical twin brothers Jeremy and Josh Salyers married identical twin sisters Briana and Brittany Deane, they joined a very exclusive club. Twins marrying another set of twins like this is an incredibly rare scenario. But this group proceeded to take things even further by intertwining their lives in every way, all the while hatching an unlikely plan, which — against all the odds — came to fruition.

The meet cute

When Jeremy met Briana and Josh met Brittany at the 2017 Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, it was love at first sight and a whirlwind few months of dating followed. In fact, their first date — as a foursome, naturally — was at Virginia’s Twin Lakes State Park. Fittingly, this location would also be where the lovebirds would later get engaged. 

A twin wedding

A year after meeting at the festival, the two couples married at the 2018 event. The ceremony was officiated by twin ministers, with the whole occasion informed by the theme “Twice Upon a Time.” In case you somehow haven’t noticed it — yes, there’s a very distinct “twin” element to everything the couples do!

Doubling down on that twin life

In truth, while two sets of identical twins marrying each other is pretty unusual, it’s not completely without precedent. What sets the Deanes and Salyers apart, though, is how they decided to live after they got hitched. Rather than attempt to forge their own separate lives, they doubled down on everything twin-related — to a truly remarkable degree. 

The Twins Days Festival

Brittany and Briana had been attending the Twins Days Festival since 2011 having long involved themselves in “twin culture.” They dressed the same, made sure to double-date as much as possible, and spoke of themselves as two halves of a whole. Their husbands Josh and Jeremy, though, had never visited the festival before their fateful trip in 2017.

Everything was in slow motion

In 2018 Briana told People magazine, “I remember vividly the first time Brittany and I saw Josh, and Jeremy at the twins festival. I also remember the first time we all spoke the last night of the festival. It’s sort of like everything was in slow motion.” It was almost as if it was written in the stars, as both couples had long been determined to marry fellow twins.

A fairy tale come true

Briana explained, “It’s really been a fairy tale come true. Marrying twins is something that’s very important to us. Even when we were little girls I can remember being in kindergarten, knowing that that is what we saw for ourselves.” Of their husbands, Brittany added, “If they couldn’t find identical twin girls that matched up well with them, they were never getting married.”

Understanding the twin bond

Brittany continued, “I think that they experienced a lot of the same challenges dating what we call singletons, that means non-twins. It’s hard when you’re dating someone, and they don’t understand the twin bond.” Having said this, though, the odds seemed very slim of the sisters getting their dream ending.

The stars align

“We knew that the chances were incredibly scarce,” admitted Brittany. “The stars had to align for our dreams to come true.” Thankfully for the sisters, fate did indeed smile on them, and they couldn’t have been happier. Brittany beamed, “I get to marry the man of my dreams and at the same time I get to look over next to me and see my twin sister marrying the man of her dreams.” 

The same vision

As it turned out, their dream scenario was so perfect that planning the wedding wasn’t even stressful. Briana told People, “A lot of the wedding planning was extremely fun and even peaceful for Brittany and I to do together because we have the same taste. We had the same vision of what our double wedding day would look like.”

The perfect TV wedding

As the sisters stood at the altar wearing matching dresses, their hubbies-to-be clad in matching tuxedos, they knew everything had gone to plan. The only issue was coordinating events in Ohio, as none of them lived there, but that proved to be only a minor hiccup. Heck, they even had TV cameras capturing the nuptials for a TLC special. 

Living together

After their spectacular double wedding, the couples decided their home lives needed to be appropriately doubled-up too. So, they all moved in together in Virginia! Not only that, though, the foursome now co-own a wedding venue — meaning they wed together, live together, and work together. Talk about commitment to living that twin life!

A lot of together time

Brittany once told NBC News, “It was something we all four wanted and when we got engaged, we all wanted it that way. It’s something that’s very nice. [Josh and Jeremy] understand the twin bond like we do. We get to have a lot of together time.” While they all love their living arrangements, though, not everyone online shares that opinion. 

Focus on the positive reactions

“We try to ignore sociopathic stalker comments and just focus on the positive,” revealed Brittany. “Some people think we are really strange, and others think it’s really amazing. We’ve gotten a lot of support and interest and we’ve been grateful for that.” Perhaps the naysayers could remember that, just because something isn’t for them, it doesn’t make it wrong.

A whirlwind of fun

Yes, if their situation is wrong, then the Salyers clan doesn’t want it to be right. In fact, they adjusted easily to their new lives, with Briana telling Fox News in 2019, “I would say that our first few months of marriage have been a whirlwind of fun and getting used to being married and the four of us living together, that dynamic.”

Double dates

“With all four living together under one roof, there’s a lot of double dates,” added Brittany, who also confirmed the couples do spend one-on-one time too. Amusingly, though, when she and Josh decided to go on their first date “alone,” Brittany admitted, “Without Briana, I just feel a little bit insecure. I feel like Josh is so cool and I'm just a dork.”

The plan

The logical next step for both couples was children and, yet again, the sisters were determined to have as much synchronicity as possible. Soon after their marriages they told Australian TV show Today that they planned to become pregnant simultaneously. They were even coordinating when they were trying for babies in order to have the best chance of conceiving at the same time.

Experiencing everything together

Brittany revealed, “I think there’s just something we would love to experience together. We have experienced most milestones of our lives together, birthdays, getting our driver’s licenses, graduations, and our double wedding. This would be the next huge event, and we’d love to experience it together, and ideally, we will.”

An even more specific wish

Amazingly, Josh and Jeremy were even more specific about what they wanted to happen. In the TLC special — Our Twinsane Wedding — Jeremy told the camera, “We want to have twins, and we want them to be born on the same day.” Unfortunately for them, that didn’t quite come to pass, but what they got in reality wasn’t a million miles away.


January 2021 saw the birth of Brittany and Josh’s baby boy Jett. On their joint Instagram page, Josh posted, “Brittany did wonderfully in delivery. I am so proud of them and excited to be Jett’s dad! We can’t wait for Briana and Jeremy’s baby to get here too! Briana is in her last trimester.”


Fast-forward a few months later to April and Briana and Jeremy welcomed Jax, their own bouncing baby boy. Jeremy posted, “I am so proud of my beautiful wife, Briana, and how well she did. She was so strong and brave and did an amazing job. I am thankful that our boys will grow up together.” 

Quaternary twins

Things soon got a tad confusing for the Salyers’ fans, though. In an Instagram post featuring pictures of Jett and Jax dressed identically, the couples’ wrote, “Cousins, genetic brothers, and quaternary twins!” The comments section was full of people wondering what the boys’ precise relationship to each other was, as it all sounded a bit strange.

How does that work?

“Does this mean that they have identical DNA?” asked one commenter, while another wondered, “How are they genetic brothers exactly?” A third bluntly wrote, “Never heard of that before.” Luckily, there were others who did understand the situation, and they were able to shed some light for their baffled brethren. 

All in the DNA

“Their mothers and fathers are identical twins,” explained a knowledgeable user. “Both sets of parents then had kids. Same exact DNA created both. Make sense?” Another chipped in, “Identical twins share the same DNA, and both sets of parents are identical.” Our favorite response, though, was, “If this family took an Ancestry DNA test it would show these babies as siblings, not cousins!”

More like brothers than cousins

Interestingly, another Instagrammer posted, “So cute. They are alike but don’t look like twins yet, probably as one is older. I’m sure they will when they are older, and the age gap isn’t so significant.” So, yes, even though the boys technically aren’t twins, genetically they are more like brothers than cousins, and could wind up looking almost identical!

A full explanation

Hoping to eliminate any further chance of confusion, the sisters spoke to NBC News. Briana said, “You’ve heard the term Irish twins and you’ve heard identical twins and fraternal twins. But we have quaternary twins.” Brittany added, “They were born to identical twin parents less than nine months apart. Twins married to twins who both have babies at the same time.”

Exceedingly rare

Of course, the sisters were both fully aware of their potential to have quaternary twins — something which is exceedingly rare. Briana revealed, “We were hoping that we would have overlapping pregnancies so that this would happen. We thought it would be really cool. There’s only 300 quaternary marriages known in the history of the world.”

A surprise that their plan actually worked

In April 2021 the couples spoke about their unusual arrangement to TV show Entertainment Tonight. Even though Brittany and Briana had ideally planned to get pregnant together, they were still surprised when the plan worked. Briana admitted, “Little did we know that shortly after our double wedding, we would become pregnant at the same time.” 

A family unit

In terms of their home life, the foursome think of themselves as a family unit, instead of two couples living together. Jeremy mused, “I feel like I’m Jett’s parent. And I think he [Josh] feels the same way about Jax. We all live together, and we are raising the kids together.” He added, “It’s the four of us with our two babies.”

Sharing duties

Interestingly — and perhaps controversially — this attitude toward their family unit has meant Brittany and Briana often share their motherly duties. In an episode of Extreme Sisters, for example, they revealed they breastfeed each other’s babies. Indeed, the sisters believe their ability to help the other nurse is a huge advantage in their lives.

Both of our babies

Briana joked, “One of the best things about having two moms in the house is that we have four boobs. We breastfeed each other’s babies because we feel like they're both, both of our babies.” To them, and to Josh and Jeremy, it only makes sense to do this, and they were perfectly comfortable discussing the details on camera.

The same milk

At one point, Briana posed a question while breastfeeding: “Do you think our milk tastes the same? I mean, it must.” To this, Brittany answered, “I figure it does. We share DNA so it's like we’re producing the same milk. It’s just no big deal for us.” A convinced Briana then concluded, “It’s the same thing.”

Mommy and ammy

On another note, this same episode showed the twins talking about something fascinating — what their titles are within their unusual family setup. Briana mused, “We're still working on what our children will call all of us. Mommy and ammy works really well.” This prompted Brittany to chime in with, “So mom and aunt mom — mommy and ammy.”

Daddy and duncle

But what about Josh and Jeremy? Well, their titles have proved harder to settle on. Briana revealed, “We’ve been talking about what are the dads going to be — daddy and dadsy, or daddy and duncle.” It’s hard to imagine there will be many other men out there known as “duncle,” so the sisters definitely get points for originality.

Privacy issues

Since becoming TV and social media stars, however, the couples have begun to miss the low profile they used to enjoy. Brittany said, “We just moved into this great big home. It’s incredibly spacious, but all the space in the world hasn’t taken away from the fact that we have to deal with these privacy issues.”

Invasive questions

Speaking of privacy issues, the foursome have long been candid about the kind of invasive questions they’re asked sometimes. For instance, in 2019 Jeremy told Fox News, “I would say that the one that we get a lot [is that] people always ask if we switch partners. I hope we have explained ourselves that we do not!”

Have you ever had a mix-up?

Amazingly, in February 2022 the couples were asked that very question live on-air during an appearance on Australia’s Today show. Host Karl Stefanovic joked, “It's late Friday night, you've had a few Margaritas… have you ever accidentally mixed each other up?” After a slightly extended — and more than slightly awkward — pause, Briana replied.

An awkward answer to an awkward question

“Do we mix each other up?” said Briana, managing a smile. “Maybe just from the side.” This made Stefanovic and his co-host Allison Langdon burst out laughing, and then they began cracking jokes with each other. Langdon giggled, “It's a tough one to explain if you accidentally kiss your sister’s husband,” to which Stefanovic joked, “No it’s not. It’s just a brother. Who cares?”

Mostly positive responses

Thankfully, despite this example of the inappropriate reactions they sometimes face, Jeremy told Fox News that most people were simply interested in their unusual lives. He said, “We get a lot of questions about our living situation, [and we get] mostly positive responses too, when people find out about it. We don’t mind talking about it at all.”

The future

Finally, what does the future hold for the Salyers clan? Are more babies on the horizon? Well, Briana told NBC News, “We are debating if we should go for one more pregnancy each or not. We will make a decision pretty soon. The babies are still pretty young (and) we are trying to wait a little longer to see what to do.”