10 Hottest Links of the Week

Travel madness afflicts us in this week’s ten hottest links of the week as we check out strange events and wonderful places from around the world, with a wee bit of design ingenuity and a glimpse into the past – and future – for good measure!

Japan’s Pig Rodeo: Animal Cruelty or Just Plain Fun? (Oddity Central)

Pico Cão Grande: The Dark Tower – Found! (Dark Roasted Blend)

10 Massive Screw-Ups in Paleontology (Neatorama)

Google’s Secret Lair Uncovered (Geeks Are Sexy)

14 Creative and Clever Soaps (Mental Floss)

Cool Rotary Telephone Lamp (Found S***)

UK Harrier Jump Jets to Fly Again… in America (Urban Ghosts)

The Bolivian Hotel Made Entirely From Salt (Vagabondish)

Super Awesome Island! (UniqueDaily)

Buzludzha Monument: Abandoned Relic Of Bulgaria’s Communist Past (The Presurfer)