11 Coolest Links of the Week

Trees have some staying power – geez, just check out these six – but then, if a guy can live without a heart, so do we! Cool link awesomeness abounds!

6 of the Oldest Trees in the World (Mental Floss)

The World’s First Heartless Man (Neatorama)

Extraordinary Inventions: Victorian-Era Prank Machines (Dark Roasted Blend)

Realistic-Looking Leaves Made from Human Hair (Oddity Central)

Naqsh-i Rustam: Colossal Tombs Of Persian Kings (The Presurfer)

Star Trek Enterprise Coffee Table! (Geeks Are Sexy)

The Art of Gravity…[PIC] (Found S***)

Incredible Hulks: Fearsome Prison Ships of the British Empire (Urban Ghosts)

Dirty Diaper Grounds Qantas Flight (Vagabondish)