11 Coolest Links of the Week

This sunset smacks of baking heat – but that’s no reason why it shouldn’t kick off this week’s collection of the coolest links we could find!

Stunning Shot of Silhouettes Against Colombian Sunset (Vagabondish)

10 Masters of Tilt-Shift Photography (Mental Floss)

Berlin’s Surreal Abandoned Amusement Park (Dark Roasted Blend)

20 Awesome Pieces of Superhero Mashup Art (Neatorama)

Pistol Grip Door Knobs! (Found S***)

The 26 Happiest Animals in the World (The Presurfer)

Amazing Mold-Covered Urbex Art (Urban Ghosts)

Dwarf Bullfighters: Human Exploitation Meets Animal Cruelty (Oddity Central)