13 Hottest Links of the Week

Unlucky for some but not for Environmental Graffiti… as we bring you 13 of the best links to what’s hot on the web!

The Disappearing Tattooed Faces of Burma’s Chin Province (Oddity Central)

The Fastest Living Thing on the Planet (The Presurfer)

The Newspaper Hoax that Shook the World (Neatorama)

Google Maps Captures Plane in Flight Over Chicago (Vagabondish)

Fish Bowl Handbag (Found S***)

Michigan Theater: Detroit’s Famous Renaissance-style Parking Garage (Urban Ghosts)

12 of the World’s Most Expensive Legal Pets to Own (Urban Savior)

Business Ties Reborn as Deadly Snakes (1-800-Recycling) [sponsored]

Glass Beach of California (The Presurfer)

10 Most Important Kisses in the Universe (Neatorama)

Switzerland’s Alien H.R. Giger Bar (Vagabondish)

Lamp in a Box (Found S***)

55 Images Assured To Induce An Eyegasm (ThumbPress)