18 Hottest Links of the Week

From badass sisters who altered the course of history, to liquifying your dead body as a green burial solution, we present for you some tasty little nuggets care of friends of ours from across the blogosphere…

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10 Oldest Buildings in the World (The Presurfer)

Leaping Mobula Ray! (Found S***)

Mongolia’s Annual “Three Manly Games” Tournament (Vagabondish)

Liquify Your Dead Body – For the Earth! (io9)

The Geektastic Food Art of Okistugu Kado (Geeks Are Sexy)

Rusty Monsters: Bizarre Recycled Art in Hanksville, Utah (Urban Ghosts)

The Weird Week in Review (mental_floss)

New York’s Incredible Steampunk Apartment (Oddity Central)

Amusingly Horrible Things Moms Have Said (The Hairpin)

10 Dumbest Ways New Yorkers “Prepared” For Hurricane Irene (Urban Savior)

Creative Portraits Made Using Thousands of Cork Bottle Stoppers (Freshome)

Hand Sanitizing: An Informal Look (Neatorama)

The Top 10 Best Space Foods (The Presurfer)

Recycled Phonebook Paper Dress (Found S***)

Pig Fat Museum Opens in Ukraine (Vagabondish)