18 Hottest Links of the Week

It’s that time again when we at Environmental Graffiti bring you links to the best of our friends’ content on the web!

Top Secret Technology Demonstrator Aircraft That Are Now Declassified (Urban Ghosts)

The Sixth Sense and Beyond (Neatorama)

The 8 Most Bizarre Rituals in the World (Vagabondish)

Hangar House (Found S***)

How Ships Are Launched (The Presurfer)

Spectacular Underwater Bedroom in Maldives (My Modern Metropolis)

The Incredible Flower and Sand Carpets of La Otorava (Oddity Central)

Extreme Sports and Weird Stunts… (Dark Roasted Blend)

The Addiction Process: How We Get Addicted (it THING)

Iconic Depictions of Human Suffering Created in Camouflage Gear (1-800-Recycling) [Sponsored]

5 Noteworthy Mazes and Labyrinths (Atlas Obscura)

6 Abandoned Towns and Cities of South America (Urban Ghosts)

Putting Liberty on a Pedestal (Neatorama)

Dangerous Dining: The World’s 10 Deadliest Delicacies (Vagabondish)

Beer Bottle Temple (Found S***)

10 Fascinating Facts About Phone Numbers (The Presurfer )

Magnificent Large Scale Sand Artworks (My Modern Metropolis)