8 Coolest Links of the Week

A bridge that leads nowhere, an awesome mobile sound system on tracks like a tank’s, and a guy who’s lived on roadkill for three decades. All this and other cool links!

Storseisundet: The Bridge To Nowhere (The Presurfer)

Around the World in 50 Breakfasts (Vagabondish)

Rave Rover! Mobile Sound System (Found S***)

NASA’s Fermi Team Locates 600 New Mysteries [Vid] (Geeks Are Sexy)

Man Has Lived on a Roadkill Diet for the Last 30 Years (Oddity Central)

Aww! Turtle Eating Strawberry (UniqueDaily)

Ugly Faces & Awesome Characters (Dark Roasted Blend)

Which Came First — The Chicken Or the Egg? (Neatorama)