A Nuclear Autumn in the UK

British Energy, the UK’s largest producer of electricity, recently released some unsettling news about their nuclear power plants.


Almost half of Britain’s nuclear reactors, 7 out of a total of 19, were shut down this week. BE reported that all of them were closed for maintenance reasons. Five of the reactors were closed for routine maintenance, while the other two were closed after internal faults were discovered.

The Hartlepool and Heysham plants were closed for an “issue in wire winding.” They have been closed for a while, and this new issue may delay their reopening even longer.

In a discussion with the BBC, former environment secretary Michael Meacher said, in regards to the energy industry, “One needs certainty, and the nuclear industry doesn’t provide it.” He described the repair situation as “extremely worrying.”

I don’t know about you, but this situation makes me think of The Simpsons. Only, in the US Homer is a comic buffoon, while in the UK he appears to be a role model for nuclear companies.

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