Are Carbon Credits Now Available Duty Free?

Are carbon credits now available duty-free on flights? Environmental Graffiti correspondent Richard Rhodes recently helped eco-business e-photoframes complete a study on airlines and carbon offset policies.

He recently sent an email to a certain large airline in the US, asking whether it was possible to buy carbon offsets for his flight on the airline. Here was their response:

“Dear Mr. Rhodes,

Thank you for contacting us.

Mr. Rhodes, please know that duty free shopping is available on all
Pacific/Intra-Asia/Trans Atlantic/Latin America flights. Currently
there is no duty free sold on Canada/Mexico/San Juan/Grand
Cayman/Intra-Europe flights due to either time of space constraints.
For more information regarding the same you may call: in the USA:

Address for written communication:


Types of products offered include:
cigarettes/liquor/fragrances/cosmetics/gifts and accessories. Product
availability differs by market. All items are subject to change without

More information, please contact a xxxxx reservations specialist at:

International Reservations: 1-800-xxxxxxx (1-800-xxx-xxxx– Charges applied)

Reservation phone numbers outside of the U.S. or in Canada, may be found at xxxxxxx by selecting “xxxx Worldwide Contacts”. We trust our reservations staff will be able to assist you with your upcoming travel needs.

Thank you for allowing us to comment. We look forward to serving you on a xxxx flight in the near future.

xxxxx Customer Relations”

Either this particular airline has customer service representatives who are not trained to actually read emails or they have the most environmentally friendly duty free cart ever. One day this conversation will actually happen: “I’ll have a bottle of scotch, an overpriced teddy bear, and one passenger worth of carbon credits, please.”

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