Go green and save money

Many people want to do their bit for the environment, but without having to give up their car, build a wind farm or venture no further than Skegness for the next 50 years.


Making massive changes to your lifestyle can be inconvenient, time consuming and expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just make a few simple switches, help the planet and save yourself some money along the way?

The truth is that going green is both easy and economical. There are plenty of ways that you can do your bit for the environment and save yourself a small fortune at the same time.

For example, simply turning your electrical appliances off, rather than leaving them on standby, would save you in the region of £37 a year. And, if we all made this small switch, the UK would save £740 million a year in electricity costs and cut over 4 million tonnes of excess carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Or, for an even greater saving, rethink how the heat in your home is being used. Are you getting the full benefit or is the warmth you pay for simply disappearing?

Installing cavity wall insulation will save you £130 – £160 annually, while making sure your loft is properly insulated will make you £70 richer every year.

Even small switches can make a big impact. Stopping those chilly draughts seeping up from under your floorboards can save £50 a year, turning down your heating by just one degree will cut your bills by £45 per annum and, easiest of all, by making sure appliances with power packs are turned off at the wall you could save in the region of £36 annually.

For more green tips visit www.biggreenswitch.co.uk

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