Environmental Change Starts in the Government

Capitol BuildingPhoto: Self

The world is at a crossroads. With the global warming problem escalating by the day, both individuals and corporations alike are scrambling for solutions. Despite recent efforts to encourage carbon offsetting on the micro level, these practices might not be sufficient to curb the threat that greenhouse gases pose to future generations.

Capitol BuildingPhoto: ReneS

Carbon offsetting is the attempt to eliminate the effect an individual or corporation has on the environment. For every metric ton of carbon emitted in the air, one can invest in green technology or fund an equal amount of energy generated from a renewable energy source to offset the impact. However, many people who are enthusiastic about becoming carbon neutral don’t know how or where to begin. They have become accustomed to particular lifestyles and routines, and to alter that in any way requires not only motivation, but direction. It requires leadership. For true change to take place, we need the government to take charge.

If a government is made by the people, for the people, then it is up to us to elect the leaders who will be the vanguard of change. We must mobilize our voting power to not only support those who will pressure government to institute policy that will incentivize green technology and encourage carbon offsetting. Yet even after they are elected, we must continue to write and petition, making sure not to let the voices of reason get drowned out by the screaming lies of fringe elements and lobbyists. Only with strong leadership can we get the people inspired to challenge the overwhelming energy crisis before us. Only with strong government can we hold corporations accountable for their pollution and carbon emissions, as well as diplomatically work with nascent industrial nations to help them build their economies without sacrificing the health of the planet. Change starts with a strong government, and a strong government begins with your vote.