Friends of the Earth retracts BSkyB bid

On Tuesday, we reported about Friends of the Earth’s bid to become BSkyB’s charity partner, which caused controversy within the environmental organisation’s campaigners and supporters. We apologise for this and retract our previous position. The bid has been dropped, after 77 FoE staff members signed a petition protesting against the joint climate change initiative with BSkyB.

Friends of the Earth is a prominent name in climate change campaigning

Whilst the three-year deal would have given FoE unprecedented access to 8.9 million Sky customers and earned the charity nearly £2 million from donations and support from Sky, it was feared that the deal could damage FoE’s reputation for independence.

By preserving its independent status the high-profile charity, whose lobbying successes include The Big Ask campaign, which in December last year succeeded in its aim of convincing the Government to adopt a Climate Change Bill, the organization is safeguarding its loyal supporter base.

The process of short listing five organisations in Sky’s charity search is underway and an overall winner will be announced in December.