Greenpeace hijack power plant!

Greenpeace, the environmental campaign group, have hijacked a power station in Kent. Their takeover was spurred by the prime minister’s decision to approve the UK’s first coal plant in over three decades.

Greenpeace's previous hijack of a powerstation in India

At the dead of night, fifty Greenpeacers launched a subversive attack on the Kingsnorth power plant. According to the Guardian:

“One group immobilised the conveyor belts carrying coal into the plant and chained themselves to the machinery. A second group with enough provisions to last for several days, began scaling a 200m ladder up the chimney which they painted with the words “Gordon Bin It”.”

The power station operated by German energy giant E.O.N. is working closely with the police to resolve the matter. A spokes man for the company said, “Greenpeace has every right to express their views, but we don’t think this is the right way to do it.”

Notwithstanding this, Greenpeace claim that the protest was not causing any risk to energy supplies. Robin Oakley, a greenpeace campaigner stressed that “Taking one power station off the national grid will not lead to a blackout…There is plenty of spare supply in the system.”

The power plant is still operating normally, using stocks of coal already on site, but the situation will worsen, if the protestors carry on.

Greenpeace hope to close the power station, claiming that it is the fifth biggest polluter in the UK, emitting over 20,000 tonnes of carbon daily. Greenpeace also argue that the power station is only 45% efficient, when it could possibly reach over 95% efficiency by using the heat generated to supply to homes and business. E.O.N. argue that this is a great improvement from 36% at the current station.

The debate continues. Meanwhile the protestors remain chained to the powerplant.

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