Is Kansas The New Saudi Arabia?
Image from Peter Pi

No we don’t mean that the citizens of the state will be under the rule of princes and will take camels to work. That would be hilarious, but no. Our comparison is of utilities and in particular, energy.

You see, on the heels of the first high-res carbon emission map of the U.S. comes the first high-res map of the wind sweeping across the lower 48 and it’s carrying wonderful news for those who wish energy independence. The company behind the survey, AWS Truewind (who promote wind power) decided to collect the data in order to spur development. This widely redefines the American approach to wind power, as previously only Texas was making great strides in that area.

The AWS survey has completely remapped the United States 200 meters at a time and in so doing, has redefined some preconceived notions. Our friends over at Clean Technica  mention that Illinois was previously listed as only category 2 winds for power generation, whilst the AWS survey shows that data to be fundamentally flawed. The Land of Lincoln is ripe with category 5, 6, and 7 winds, a testament to its Midwestern geography and the lake effect in the north.
Image from AWS

This comes at the same time that another one of the world’s great believers in oil is getting good press about wind power. Norway has begun to embrace the icy blasts off of the North Sea as a way to keep the lights burning long after the oil and natural gas resources run out. With 15 wind parks built, the commitment would seem light, but 150 more have been authorized, and StatoilHydro, a Norwegian energy giant, is experimenting with floating offshore wind turbines. They would each power 1,000 homes and would be capable of operating in 1,7000 meters of water.