It’s Illegal to Sell Pot Flavored Candy In Georgia

Oh, that wiley Georgia Legislature. You know it’s a good story when the first question anybody asks when they hear about it is “was this an April fool?”

2003872327992044378_rs.jpgImage from dave linger on flickr

It’s now the law in Georgia, you may no longer sell pot-flavored candy to minors. The bill, which passed the senate 42-3, and was introduced by– seriously, not an April Fool– Doug Stoner, a Democrat from Smyrna, was passed by the house last year. The bill claims that the candy gives children the false impression that marijuana is safe, takes particular issue with the marketing claim that “every lick is like taking a hit.”

A group of high school students, who presumably are against drugs because nobody has ever been friendly enough to offer them any, were rallying in support of the measure in the halls of the capitol while the measure was up for a floor vote, calling the oily candy bars and lollipops a “gateway candy” to drugs and a dangerous lifestyle.

I’m personally glad to see our war on drugs has extended down to the level where candies are being labeled as ‘gateways’; sooner or later this means that the government is going to start doing things like banning dreadlocks and acoustic guitars, and requiring showers or all citizens, then we’ll be able to really make progress.