It’s “Manure Day” in Georgia

Has Environmental Graffiti reached the point yet that it can get a “Georgia” category to rival the “Florida” tag at Fark?


We’ve had a border war, robocop, sugar gliders, and now it’s “Manure Day.”

Saturday from 9-2, the Little Creek Farm Conservancy, a nonprofit in suburban Atlanta, will be filling the bed of your pickup truck with cow dung for a mere $25.

The AJC, ever helpful, notes in their article that commercial car washes are allowed to function during the extended drought the region is going through– apparently in a fit of optimism over the ability of metro Atlantans to discern the scent of manure from that of their city. Manure, which apparently ages like fine wine (the AJC reporter had a LOT of fun. Read the article.), makes an excellent fertilizer and top dressing for gardens, and is available twice annually at the conservancy.

Info from AJC

By Environmental Graffiti contributor Ben Ray. Ben is a freelance writer, check him out at What’s Required

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