Lutz the Putz: How A GM Executive Dug Himself Into a Hole with His Yap

Bob Lutz is the product development chief and Vice Chairman at General Motors.


Mr. Lutz recently called ‘global warming…a “total crock of sh*t,”‘ but then went on to claim that ‘his views had no bearing on GM’s commitment to build environmentally friendly vehicles.’ Apparently not realizing that people are not complete idiots, Mr. Putz went on to say that those who care about the climate crisis should be focussing on “what this company is doing that is … hugely beneficial to the causes they so enthusiastically claim to support.”

Well, Mr. Lutz/Putz, let’s take a brief look at GM’s record, shall we?

So, Mr. Lutz, judging by your company’s actions you are a bad manager, your products are far behind the times, and the only reason your company continues to exist is favourable government laws and corporate welfare. And none of this even begins to touch upon the fact that climate change is backed up by solid science and reputable scientists, whereas the “crock of shit” crowd rely upon quacks and professional liars paid by, among others, your company.

Mr. Lutz, you are a putz.

Brian Gordon is a Canadian Green Party member and candidate trained by Al Gore to present An Inconvenient Truth.

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