Vultures Signal Impending Doom for Kentucky Governor

In what hopefully is not a commentary on anyone’s political career, nearly 500 Back Vultures have taken up winter residence at the Governor’s mansion in Kentucky.


The birds, which normally roost in the capital city of Frankfort, have decided for reasons unknown to congregate in the pine trees of the stately home near the capitol.

A zoologist for the state pointed out that the unhappy invasion could have been much worse– normally there are up to 1,100 (last year’s record) of the birds, and they have put up a considerably less strong showing this year in the face of what has been an exceptionally warm winter.

The birds, who are now dispersing for the spring season, can typically be found at the executive mansion all day, except for when they search for roadkill, traveling as much as 15 miles.

By Environmental Graffiti contributor Ben Ray. Ben is a freelance writer, check him out at What’s Required

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