Spiderman Climbs New York Times Skyscraper to Warn of Climate Change

Frenchman Alain Robert, also known as the French Spider-Man, was sentenced to three days community work for climbing a Manhattan skyscraper without authorization. The extreme sportsman, aged 45, climbed with his bare hands and feet up the 228-metre-high New York Times skyscraper in June 2010. When he had climbed half way up, he hung up a poster that said “Global warming kills more people than 9/11 every week”. The show was watched by thousands on the ground, before police awaiting Robert on the roof apprehended and handcuffed him.

Robert’s gesture was a warning: a warning about this earth being engulfed in a “supernova” sooner than we would like. Greenpeace’s fight against global warming is not a sick joke.

Spiderman Alain RobertPhoto: via Damnsoft 09Alain Robert climbing Petronas Tower 2 in March 2007

In Romania this year there was literally a whole month’s rain, as if it were doomsday in the Bible. Most of the country got flooded and immeasurable damage was caused. The weather in this author’s home town (which is approx. 8000 metres above sea-level) changed from 10 C in the morning to 30 C in the afternoon in summer time. It can be literally lethal for some.

We cannot worry enough about the noxious gases that cars emanate. And to top it all, one of the Europe’s basic natural oxygen-providers, the fir-tree, is being wiped out as forests are mercilessly cut down.

Alain Robert may seem like a madman, but if he wants to raise his voice against the planet being destroyed, we must give him credit.

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