20 People Who Look Exactly Like Your Favorite Animated Characters

From the good and the bad to the downright ugly, these 20 real-life versions of iconic animated characters will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief. And we’re not talking Halloween costumes and part-time cosplayers, either; these everyday folks are the real deal with no need for face-changing make-up or fancy accessories.

Real life Ned Flanders
Image: via FunnyJunk

20. Ned Flanders – The Simpsons

In our heads, this Ned Flanders lookalike lives next door to an overweight, beer-guzzling couch potato he lovingly refers to as “neighborino.” He has to, right?

real life Beavis
Image: via the smoking gun / via TV Guide

19. Beavis – Beavis and Butt-head

Oregon native Chris Kemp’s resemblance to Butt-head’s out-there sidekick Beavis is, it seems, more than just skin deep. In 2003 Kemp broke into a house, vandalized it and dressed in the occupier’s mom’s clothes. He was found listening to music – and unless we find out otherwise, we’re going to assume it was Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law.”


real life consuela from family guy
Image: via Reddit

18. Consuela – Family Guy

If this lady sought work as a maid, she might struggle to be taken seriously. Some Family Guy nut would probably stick her in a pink dress and get her to call him “Misser.”

Real life eric Cartman
Image: via Buzzfeed / via AXN White


17. Eric Cartman – South Park

Whoa, if this guy weren’t reading a book he’d look exactly like South Park’s Eric Cartman. So close…

Real life Looney Tunes granny
Image: via Vestinet

16. Emma Webster/Granny – Looney Tunes

I tawt I taw a little old lady who looks just like Granny from Looney Tunes. I did! I did!


Real life Linda Belcher, Bob's Burgers
Image: via imgur


15. Linda Belcher – Bob’s Burgers

This woman is the spitting image of Bob’s Burgers’ Linda Belcher. Hopefully she sounds the same as well. That would be awesome.

Real life Johnny Bravo
Image: via Elite Daily

14. Johnny Bravo – Johnny Bravo

Life as a Johnny Bravo lookalike is tough. You have to look in the mirror, like, all damn day.


Real life Quasimodo
Image: via los40.com.mx


13. Quasimodo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

We shouldn’t really make fun – but there’s no doubt that this nasty-looking eye injury to Russian boxer Denis Lebedev in 2013 made him resemble none other than Quasimodo in Disney’s version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Ouch!

Real life William Murderface
Image: via Reddit / via Texts From Mordhaus

12. William Murderface – Metalocalypse

If ever there were a live-action Metalocalypse movie, well this guy’s a dead ringer for Dethklok bassist William Murderface. Guess we all have our burdens to bear.


real life Peter Griffin
Image: via imgur / via galleryhip


11. Peter Griffin – Family Guy

Hold the phone, we’ve found Family Guy’s Peter Griffin. He’s got the chin balls and everything!

Real life Sid from Ice Age
Image: via Reddit

10. Sid – Ice Age

Damn, this guy looks like Sid from the Ice Age franchise. He must really struggle to find a pair of spectacles that fit right.


Real life Scruffy from Futurama
Image: via Reddit


9. Scruffy – Futurama

This Scruffy lookalike couldn’t understand why people kept asking him to sweep up after them. Evidently he’s never watched Futurama.

Real life Randy Marsh
Image: via WorldWideInterweb.com / via Reddit

8. Randy Marsh – South Park

If we were this guy we’d have shouted, “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought this was America” as we were dragged away à la South Park’s Randy Marsh.


Real life Hercule from Dragon Ball Z
Image: via Reddit / via Retrodbzccg


7. Hercule – Dragon Ball Z

Based on his resemblance to Dragon Ball Z’s Hercule, a.k.a. Mr. Satan, it seems fair to assume that this guy’s on his way to a fancy steak dinner. We’re surprised to see him using public transport, though.

Real life Mario and Luigi
Image: via Reddit / via SodaHead

6. Mario and Luigi – The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

The awkward distance these two guys keep between themselves as they walk does nothing to hide the fact that they’re the real-life versions of Nintendo’s super-plumber bros Mario and Luigi.


Real life Bobby from King of the Hill
Image: via DistractYourself / via fanpop


5. Bobby – King of the Hill

Bobby Hill, the likable son of King of the Hill protagonist Hank, is alive and well, it seems – and very much a real person.

Real life Shaggy
Image: via Reddit / via HDimagelib.com

4. Shaggy – Scooby Doo

Zoinks! Even in a shirt and tie it’s hard to take this Shaggy lookalike seriously. Great guy to have around if there’s a mystery that needs solving, though.


3. Elsa – Frozen

When model and Instagram sensation Anna Faith Carlson posed in front of a cardboard cut-out of Frozen’s Queen Elsa in 2013, she had no idea that the image would go viral and change her life forever.

Real life Alfredo
Image: via buzger / via Disney

2. Alfredo Linguini – Ratatouille

For some reason this kid’s photo with his Disney likeness, Ratatouille’s Alfredo Linguini, didn’t kick-start his modeling career in quite the same way as it did for Anna Faith Carlson.


Real life Carl from Up
Image: via topic.lt / via Autostraddle


1. Carl Fredricksen – Up

This chap’s uncanny resemblance to Up’s curmudgeonly Carl Fredricksen must have seen him pose for a lot of photos since the movie’s 2009 release.