21 Real People Who Look Exactly Like Simpsons Characters

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Ned Flanders

If you’ve ever seen someone on the bus and thought, “Damn, that guy looks a lot like Homer Simpson,” then this list is for you. Likewise, if you’ve ever wondered what your favorite Simpsons characters might look like “in the flesh,” read on, as these real-life Simpsons doppelgangers suggest that Oscar Wilde had a point: perhaps life does “imitate art far more than art imitates life.”

First up, Ned Flanders. You can practically hear him saying “Okely dokely, neighborino.”

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Chief Wiggum

Chief Wiggum is an incompetent, out-of-shape, donut-eating stereotype who’s insulting to police officers everywhere. Oh wait, this cop even has the overbite.

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Bleeding Gums Murphy

He may not be blind, but the late, great Bleeding Gums Murphy sure did look a lot like Stevie Wonder.


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Otto Mann

In his mind, burnt-out school bus driver Otto Mann is former Guns N’ Roses guitar slinger Slash, which can lead to some pretty dangerous air-guitar solos when he’s behind the wheel.

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Moe Szyslak

Perhaps Israeli-born comedian Vince Offer can blame his not-quite-A-list status on his uncanny resemblance to angry Springfield bar owner Moe Szyslak.


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Mayor Quimby

By the sounds of things, former Czech Republic prime minister Ji?í Paroubek is more than just the spitting image of womanizing Springfield politician Mayor Quimby.


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Principal Skinner

The similarities between French soccer coach Arsene Wenger – who manages Arsenal in the English Premier League – and Principal Skinner aren’t just aesthetic: rumor has it that Wenger sometimes calls his mom for advice at half-time.


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Homer Simpson

A live-action version of The Simpsons would be completely ridiculous if Paul Giamatti didn’t sign on to play Homer. Otherwise the idea seems perfectly reasonable, right?


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Comic Book Guy

You know exactly what Comic Book Guy would say to this unsuspecting lookalike: “Worst doppelganger ever!”


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Frank Grimes

Ill-fated anti-Homer Frank Grimes only survived one episode of The Simpsons, but he went on to become a cult favorite. And perhaps Canadian politician Pierre Poilievre’s striking similarity to “Grimey” suggests he’s a grafter – but one who’s probably irritable.


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Crazy Cat Lady

Eddie Van Halen’s former Van Halen bandmate Sammy Hagar and current lead singer David Lee Roth might just love the fact that the guitarist gets compared to Springfield nutcase Eleanor Abernathy, who’s better known as Crazy Cat Lady.


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Krusty the Clown

This poor shmuck looks like a washed-up Krusty the Clown without the makeup and sense of humor. Either that, or Jesse Pinkman in 20 years’ time.


The resemblance between generously jawed BYU Cougars offensive line coach Garett Tujague and Springfield’s resident Austrian action star Rainier Wolfcastle will blow you away. That’s the joke.


This French teacher’s habit of rubbing his hands together and saying “exceptional” whenever his students excelled was always such a let-down.


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Cletus Spuckler

“Hey Brandine, ain’t that just the prettiest man you ever done seen? Maw, get off the dang roof and check this handsome fella out!”


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Patty and Selma

It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine this pair smoking outside of the DMV, discussing their favorite episodes of MacGyver and reliving Homer’s numerous failures.


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Dr. Nick

“Hi everybody!” Grey’s Anatomy psychiatrist Dr. Raj Sen – as played by Anjul Nigam – is a dead ringer for inept Dr. Nick. In other words, if you see him coming, run a mile.


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Sideshow Bob

The knife’s a nice touch, but with that hairdo and menacing stare, he needn’t have bothered.


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It’s impossible to ignore the fact that Bart’s best friend looks exactly like Kevin’s buddy Paul of The Wonder Years fame. More proof that everything’s coming up Milhouse.


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Fat Tony’s bumbling henchman Louie looks so much like Goodfellas mobster Frankie Carbone that the actor who played Carbone, Frank Sivero, filed a $250 million lawsuit against The Simpsons in 2014. Yes, really.


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Groundskeeper Willie

Give him a kilt and tell him to put on a Scottish accent, and burly Canadian CrossFit athlete Lucas Parker would hands-down win the role of Groundkeeper Willie in any Simpsons live-action remake.