20 Handsome Celebrity Dads Whose Sons Are Even More Smokin’

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Like father, like son – that’s how the saying goes. And it’s definitely the case with this hot list of 20 sexy celebrity dads and their beautiful male offspring. What’s more, not only have these kids inherited their famous fathers’ gorgeous genes, but they’ve picked up their skills and talents, too. In fact, there’s a whole new generation of smoking hot actors, musicians and models just waiting to fill their parents’ shoes. And, let’s face it: they’ll look great while they do it as well.

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20. Patrick and Arnold Schwarzenegger

With that strong jawline and beefy physique, Patrick Schwarzenegger clearly takes after his film star/politician dad Arnie. And the actor and entrepreneur’s striking looks have caught the attentions of a bevy of famous and beautiful women – Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and model Abby Champion among them. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, then, his upcoming movie Midnight Sun ought to clue you in; it may even make you fall in love completely.

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19. Rafferty and Jude Law

Looking as hot as your dad? It’s the, er, Law, for Rafferty. After all, given his blonde-brown locks and dazzling gaze, the 20-year-old definitely takes after his heartthrob actor dad Jude at first glance. Law junior is more likely to be found on a catwalk than a film set, though, with modeling stints for DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss all under his belt.

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18. Jesse and Don Johnson

Jesse Johnson looks criminally good. So good, in fact, that Miami Vice’s Sonny Crockett might have to investigate him for it. And while dad Don broke hearts in the ’80s as that half of the show’s detective duo, his 34-year-old son is doing the same for a whole new generation. For those wanting to see more of Jesse, tune into the upcoming Twin Peaks reboot or bag a ticket for action movie Salty when it hits theaters.

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17. Sean and Pierce Brosnan


When your dad has played James Bond, he may be a pretty hard act to follow. But, with a bit of smartening up, Sean Brosnan – the son of Pierce – looks like he could fill that famous black tuxedo rather well himself. Plus, the 33-year-old isn’t just a pretty face. In fact, he’s built on his time on screen to make the transition to directing and released his first full-length movie, the gritty My Father Die, in 2016. Er, we hope that wasn’t inspired by Pierce…

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16. Trey and Will Smith

As he’s somewhat eclipsed by his half-siblings Jaden and Willow, many people don’t know of Trey Smith – Will Smith’s other son and first child. But there’s no escaping the fact that he shares his father’s good looks and dazzling white smile. What’s more, the 24-year-old seems to have taken his cues from Will’s first career as a musician; rather than being a pop star, however, Trey works as a DJ. And he regularly showcases the Smith family in all their glory on his Instagram page, where he boasts over 69,000 followers.

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15. Max and Henry Winkler


The legend of Fonzie lives on in Max Winkler, son of Henry and a man who shares his father’s infectious grin. But while dad remains famous for playing the swoon-inducing leather-clad hunk in Happy Days during the ’70s and early ’80s, Max hasn’t achieved the same name recognition. Perhaps that’s because he seems to prefer life behind the camera; in recent years he’s directed the Uma Thurman-starring Ceremony and episodes of Netflix’s Lady Dynamite.

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14. Max and Jeremy Irons

Classically trained and classically handsome actor Jeremy Irons has clearly passed on the gorgeous genes to son Max. And that inheritance arguably stood the 31-year-old in good stead during his time as a Burberry model. Like dad, however, he’s now to be seen on screen. In fact, you’ll be able to see more of his handsome face in 2017 Agatha Christie adaptation Crooked House – a movie also starring Gillian Anderson and Glenn Close, no less.


13. Beau and David Cassidy

Back in the day, just the appearance of teen idol David Cassidy caused girls to faint. And while his looks have sadly faded since, the Cassidy charm nevertheless lives on through David’s handsome son Beau. Indeed, while Cassidy junior has just an appearance on The Voice and a few acting credits to his name at present, we wouldn’t discount him becoming as famous – and as swooned over – as his father just yet.

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12. Romeo Miller and Master P

Romeo Miller didn’t just get his dad Master P’s looks and piercingly dark eyes; he also inherited his business savvy and work ethic. Indeed, the mustached mini-me has practically duplicated his father’s career in hip-hop and as an entrepreneur. Not only that, but Romeo has shown off his talents as a model, fashion designer and actor, too. We wonder when he ever gets some beauty sleep…

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11. Wyatt and Kurt Russell


Thanks in part to his bright blue eyes, Wyatt Russell looks the spit of his dad Kurt in his younger days. And the sexy ex-professional hockey player and actor agrees on that point. Talking to People in April 2016, Wyatt said, “I think it’s hard not to [see the resemblance]. The Russell side of my family is a clan with some serious genetics.” And it probably doesn’t hurt that his mom is Goldie Hawn, either.

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10. Jake and Dustin Hoffman

With his bouffant ’do and dreamy chocolate-drop eyes, Jake is quite clearly the offspring of acting legend Dustin Hoffman. And the younger Hoffman seems to have inherited his dad’s acting talent to boot. The 35-year-old was just seven when he made his big-screen debut alongside his dad in Rain Man. As an adult, meanwhile, he has gone on to star in the likes of I Heart Huckabees, Arrested Development and The Wolf of Wall Street.

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9. Chris and Robert Pine


Chris Pine is arguably the best-looking man ever to have helmed the USS Enterprise – and he has dad Robert to thank for those enviable genetics. Indeed, the Star Trek actor is possibly the hottest man in sci-fi right now. Plus, he’s steadily making a name for himself on the big screen with hits like Into the Woods and Hell or High Water. Robert Pine, meanwhile, made audiences’ hearts flutter back in the day as Sergeant Joseph Getraer on CHiPs.

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8. Rossif and Donald Sutherland

His puppy dog eyes and luscious lips make it clear that Rossif Sutherland is his father’s son. And just like dad Donald and half-bro Kiefer, he’s a thespian, too, with acting credits in The CW series Reign and indie flick Hyena Road. In addition, he shares his dad’s towering height, standing at a massive 6 foot 5. But before you get too excited, it’s our duty to inform you that he’s happily married and has a son. Bless.

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7. Gabriel-Kane and Daniel Day-Lewis


His bone structure and piercing blue eyes show that Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis is the absolute spit of his actor dad Daniel. But instead of trying to follow his father’s acting career – a record three Best Actor Oscars is setting the bar rather high, after all – Gabriel-Kane’s a model and musician. And the tattooed 21-year-old has already released a couple of tracks that have undoubtedly gone down well with at least some of his 54,000 Instagram followers.

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6. Otis and Bryan Ferry

While he shares his singing dad Bryan’s suave and sophisticated look, Otis Ferry hasn’t to date followed the Roxy Music star’s rock ’n’ roll career. Instead, he’s a political activist who, controversially, supports fox hunting. What’s more, some of the 34-year-old’s questionable actions have led to him being arrested on numerous occasions. He’s even spent a few months behind bars as a result.

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5. Bill and Stellan Skarsgård


Given his large, intense and penetrating eyes, model-turned-actor Bill Skarsgård seems like the perfect choice to play the terrifying clown Pennywise in the film remake of Stephen King’s It. And when it’s released in 2017, let’s see if it propels the 26-year-old to become a Hollywood hitmaker like block-buster-baiting dad Stellan.

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4. Steven R. and Chad McQueen

Keeping the McQueen acting legacy firmly alive, 28-year-old Steven R. McQueen rose to attention in The Vampire Diaries and Chicago Fire. He clearly inherited his acting chops and gorgeous face from dad Chad McQueen, who made a name for himself in The Karate Kid. Coincidentally, another hottie, Enrique Iglesias, is Steven R. McQueen’s second cousin. Talk about keeping it in the family…

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3. Indio Falconer Downey and Robert Downey Jr.


They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and this seems true for Robert Downey Jr. and his 23-year-old son. After all, aside from inheriting his dad’s good looks, Indio Falconer also seemingly took his cue from his pa’s old bad-boy ways: in 2014, for example, he was arrested for cocaine possession. However, he’s since cleaned himself up – and started making music again with his band The Dose.

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2. O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Ice Cube

The fact that O’Shea Jackson Jr. looks just like a young version of his handsome rapper dad made him ideal to play his pa in 2015’s Straight Outta Compton. And O’Shea Jr.’s success in the biopic about Ice Cube’s rap group N.W.A. may have helped him win a role in new dramedy Ingrid Goes West, due out in 2017. At the very least, he’s popular on Instagram, with a whopping 1.1 million followers to boast of.

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1. Scott and Clint Eastwood


Not only does Scott Eastwood share his dad’s piercing blue eyes and chiseled jawline, but the model-turned-actor also seems to have inherited Clint’s thespian chops. It helps, though, that two of the movies in which Scott has appeared – namely, Invictus and Gran Torino – were directed by his old man. And Scott’s resemblance to Clint was no more apparent than in 2016, when he costumed up as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’s Blondie and replicated his pop’s iconic scowl.