19 Absolutely Gorgeous NBA Baby Mamas

These 19 gorgeous women have each had a child with a rich and famous NBA player, and they no doubt wouldn’t change that fact for the world. There is one thing they might change given the chance, though, and that’s how their relationships with their baby daddies – however brief – have since come to an end.


19. Adriana Lima

Beautiful Brazilian model Adriana Lima married former Memphis Grizzlies shooting guard Marko Jarić in 2009, and she gave birth to daughters Valentina and Sienna in 2009 and 2012, respectively. Alas, the couple’s marriage ended in 2014 after just half a decade.

18. Gloria Govan

Memphis Grizzlies’ Matt Barnes met future reality star Gloria Govan while she was in high school, though they didn’t get serious until 2006. The couple went on to welcome twins Carter and Isaiah into the world in 2008, marry in 2012 and split in 2014.


17. Zuleyka Rivera

Zuleyka Rivera was named Miss Universe 2006, some four years before she started dating Dallas Mavericks point guard J.J. Barea. The two produced son Sebastien in 2012, though they were separated just a year later. Strangely, they each gave a different explanation as to why they split.


16. Royce Reed

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard met erstwhile Orlando Magic dancer Royce Reed in 2005, and the pair had son Braylon in 2007. Sadly, though, it would be another year – and a paternity suit – until Howard officially acknowledged he was the boy’s daddy.

15. Hope Alexa

And it seems Dwight Howard certainly gets around. Indeed, he’s reported to have fathered up to five children with as many women. This includes model Hope Alexa, who gave birth to daughter Jayde in 2010 and has since dropped some serious hints about her baby daddy on social media.


14. Laura Govan

Sister of Gloria Govan, reality star Laura Govan gave birth to four children with former Memphis Grizzlies star Gilbert Arenas between 2005 and 2011. Since their 2014 split, however, the two have been engaged in various baby mama dramas, including a defamation lawsuit.

13. Ashley Henderson

Lou Williams had an unusual relationship with girlfriend Ashley Henderson, to say the least. Indeed, Henderson was reportedly only one of the Los Angeles Lakers point guard’s girlfriends, despite her giving him daughters Zoey and Jada. Henderson, however, went solo in 2015.


12. Daniela Rajic

Indiana Pacers forward Paul George met one-time cabaret dancer Daniela Rajic in 2013, and she gave birth to daughter Olivia in 2014. Following a paternity suit, the two agreed to joint custody, and George finally admitted that he was “grateful” to be a father.

11. Samara Felippo

Brazilian actress Samara Felippo married Golden State Warriors point guard Leandro Barbaso in 2008 and gave birth to daughters Alicia and Lara in 2009 and 2013, respectively. The couple split the same year Lara was born, however, amid allegations of Barbaso having a fling with fellow baller Steve Nash’s wife.


10. Mieka Reese

Having got together with Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose in 2010, designer Mieka Reese gave birth to son PJ in 2012. They split just a year afterward, however, and Rose has since faced rumors of both infidelity and rape.

9. Feby Torres

Los Angeles Clippers star Lance Stephenson hooked up with Feby Torres in 2011, and the pair went on to create two beautiful children, a daughter in 2011 and a son in 2014. Now, though, the two are engaged in an ever-depressing alimony row.


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8. Clayanna Warthen

Model Clayanna Warthen reportedly dated Golden State Warriors small forward Andre Iguodala for five years between 2004 and 2009. But whatever the timeline, the pair definitely have a daughter together, with baby London having been born in 2009. London, oddly enough, has a genius level IQ.

Image: via BlackSportsOnline

7. Alana Jung

Model Alana Jung gave birth to Boston Celtics forward Amir Johnson’s daughter Amelia in 2013 and is currently fighting him for more alimony. Jung reckons she lived with Johnson for a year and a half, but Johnson has reportedly said it was more of a “casual sexual relationship.”


6. Allison Mathis

Before marrying Adrienne Williams in 2011, Miami Heat center Chris Bosh had daughter Trinity with research assistant Allison Mathis in 2009. Mathis has said that Bosh wanted her to seek fertility treatment but nevertheless left her with three months still to go with her resulting pregnancy.

5. Brittany Burrough

Brittany Burrough had royalty on her mind when she named her child with college sweetheart and Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mario Chalmers. Born in 2010, Queen Elizabeth receives $10,000 a month in support from Chalmers, as of 2014.


Image: via The Juicy Online


4. Aja Metoyer

In 2013 Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade fathered son Xavier with his “friend” Aja Metoyer, who also has kids with actor Damon Wayans, Jr. For his part, Wade has supposedly claimed that he was separated from current wife Gabrielle Union when the child was conceived.

3. Deuane Ning Keomanivanh

Minnesota resident Deuane Ning Keomanivanh claims she had a fling with former Sacramento Kings forward Royce White in 2012 that resulted in a son the following year. Ning sued White for child support in 2013 and petitioned to deny him contact with the family.


2. Michelle Moyer

Erstwhile Chicago Bulls megastar Dennis Rodman encountered Michelle Moyer in 1999, and the couple had kids D.J. and Trinity in 2000 and 2001, respectively. Though married in 2003, the two separated in 2004 and divorced in 2012. At the time, Rodman allegedly owed almost $1 million in alimony.

1. Shaunie O’Neal

TV producer Shaunie O’Neal married former Los Angeles Lakers superstar Shaquille O’Neal in 2002, and the pair have a total of four kids together. However, they divorced in 2011, with Shaq admitting in his autobiography, “I was a guy with too many options.”