20 Stars Who Became Grandparents At Crazily Young Ages

What’s the “correct” age to become a grandparent? Sixty? Seventy? Obviously, it largely depends on who you ask. And being a grandparent, important a role as that is, doesn’t carry quite the same responsibility as being a parent does. These 20 celebrities all became grandparents at young ages – or younger than 60, at least. For most of them, though, it seemed to go smoothly.

20. Pierce Brosnan (45)

James Bond a grandfather? Say it ain’t so! But yep – Brosnan has three grandchildren. The first was born in 1998, between Brosnan’s performances in Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough. The most recent arrival, however, came along in 2015, and was named Marley May Cassandra after her late grandmother, Brosnan’s wife Cassandra, who died of cancer in 1991.

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19. Kiefer Sutherland (39)

Kiefer Sutherland became a grandfather at the age of just 39, when Michelle, his step-daughter, had a child. And the actor certainly seemed to love it, telling the Mirror all about his grandson in 2009. “His name is Hamish Adam Kiefer Sinclair, he’s four-and-a-half and he’s a train wreck,” he said. Adorably, the boy also shares one of his grandfather’s names. “He’s one of the great pleasures of my life,” he informed the world.

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18. Snoop Dogg (43)

In 2015, when he was 43, Snoop Dogg welcomed his first grandchild. This was Zion, the child of Snoop’s son Cordé Broadus and his girlfriend Jessica Kyzer. And just a few years later in 2018, another baby, this time a girl, came along. The rapper then posted a video of her to Instagram, captioned “My first granddaughter, lovely day, be blessed, y’all”. The Snoop family is extending!

Image: Richard Nairin/Liaison

17. James Brolin (47)


James Brolin is the famous father of Josh Brolin, star of Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2. And Josh Brolin had his first child in 1988, which made James a grandfather at the young age of 47. That didn’t dampen his allure, though. In 1997, after the birth of his second grandchild, the elder Brolin was listed as one of People magazine’s sexiest men alive.

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16. Jim Carrey (47)

Jim Carrey is known for wacky and immature comedy, so it might be tricky to picture him as a grandfather. But he is one, and has been since 2010, when his daughter gave birth. “It’s very odd, it’s not something I expected at this age to be,” he told Access Hollywood that year. But he also said he loved it, and he loved his little grandson Jackson Riley Santana.


15. Brett Favre (40)

At the age of 40, Brett Favre’s oldest daughter, Brittany, gave birth. And the child’s arrival made him rather unique in the NFL. He became the league’s lone active grandfather/player. Now, the former quarterback has three grandsons, but is uncertain about them ever following in his footsteps. “I would be cringing every time I saw my grandson get tackled,” he told CNN in 2018. “Because I know, physically, what’s at stake.”

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14. Priscilla Presley (44)

Priscilla Presley was just 22 when she married Elvis, and her daughter Lisa Marie was born nine months later. Lisa, too, gave birth when she was in her 20s, and as a result Priscilla became a grandmother at the age of 44. Her granddaughter, Riley Keough, then became successful in her own right. But Priscilla doesn’t like to actually be called “grandmother,” and gets her grandkids to instead call her “Nona,” which is the same word in Italian.

Image: via Her Moments

13. Cee Lo Green (35)


In 2010, Cee Lo Green told Chelsea Handler that he’d just become a granddad via Sierra, his step-daughter. “I’m a grandfather. I’m 35,” he explained. “‘She had a son, so I have a grandson.” And becoming a grandparent made him vow to make some lifestyle changes. The singer informed The Sun that year that he was, in fact, going to stop eating meat, as “I’ve got to stick around for my little ones.”

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12. Kid Rock (43)

Kid Rock became a grandfather in 2014, when his son had a baby girl, Skye, with his girlfriend. Two years later Rolling Stone magazine asked the star what he thought about becoming a grandparent at 43. “Well, it keeps my redneck street cred in good standing, right? Maybe even my hip-hop street cred, if I have any of that left,” he joked. But he also said he was delighted to think he might live get to see Skye get married.

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11. Sarah Palin (44)


Just after the 44-year-old Sarah Palin was announced as the running mate of John McCain in 2008, she confirmed that her teenage daughter, Bristol, was expecting a child. But there was more. Palin had also recently had a baby, her fifth. There was scandal, splits and legal issues aplenty (plus, McCain didn’t win), but now Bristol has two other children.

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10. Joe Jackson (42)

Joe Jackson, patriarch of the famous Jackson family, became a grandfather at 42 when little Stacee Brown was born in 1971. Brown, too, was encouraged to seek fame and fortune and she sang on the album 2300 Jackson Street. In the end, though, she didn’t end up pursuing an entertainment career. Joe now has 13 grandchildren, including the children of his late son, Michael.

Image: via Daily Mail

9. Charlie Sheen (47)


Charlie Sheen’s life has been full of hard partying and public controversy. But in January 2013, the 47-year-old announced to David Letterman that he was about to become a grandparent. “Me as a grandfather, Dave… I don’t know. It’s like the world’s going to crack in half,” the actor said on the show. “It’s fabulous. It’s just not a title I’m ready to adopt.” But now the child, Luna, is school age, and she’s actually been kept away from the public eye.

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8. Naomi Judd (48)

Naomi Judd trained as a nurse, and she had her own daughter at 18. So, despite becoming a grandparent at just 48, she knew what to expect. The process of the birth, however, still frightened her. “I have to say that as many surgeries as I have been present at, when it’s your child and your grandchild, it is frightening,” she told Grand magazine in 2007.

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7. Terrence Howard (43)


Terrence Howard is another celeb who found their grandchildren arriving at around the same time their young children did. Back in 2012, the actor became a grandfather at the age of 43, when Aubrey, his daughter, gave birth. But a few years later, in 2016, the Iron Man star also became a father for the fifth time. Hopefully that doesn’t make family get-togethers too confusing.

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6. Sally Field (52)

Oscar-winning actor Sally Field had two marriages which resulted in three sons: Peter, Sam and Eli. She became a grandmother at 52 and then her family steadily grew. In fact, she now has a total of five grandkids. “My children and my grandchildren, they are my existence,” she told the Guardian in 2017. “I’m not married; I’m not the kind of person that has a life separate from them. That’s my family. That’s my everything.”


5. NeNe Leakes (40)

NeNe Leakes is a star of the reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta, but it was kept secret for a while that she’d become a grandmother at 40. Her son, Bryson, just 22 at the time, feared she’d disapprove and was afraid to tell her at first. But she came around pretty easily. “Forty is the new 30. I’m a sassy, fashion-forward grandma!” she told In Touch magazine in 2012.

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4. Harrison Ford (51)

Harrison Ford is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, but he tends to keep his private life just that: private. So it may surprise many people to know that not only is he a grandfather, he’s been one since 1993! These days, the star has four grandchildren: Ethan, Giuliana, Eliel,and Waylon. But don’t expect Ford to share many details about them.

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3. Nicolas Cage (50)


In 2014, actor Nicolas Cage became a grandfather at 50 when his son Weston started a family. His first child was a boy called Lucien. And Cage was more than happy to help out with childcare between movie roles, it turned out. “Lucien is very rowdy. So we all take turns making sure he’s stimulated,” Weston told People magazine in 2015. “My dad loves him. He’s a phenomenal grandfather.”

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2. Mick Jagger (50)

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has an army of descendants all ready to go. Although he’s only been married once, he has eight children in total, shared among five different women. And he became a grandfather at just 50, when his daughter, Jade, had her daughter, Assisi, in 1992. Now Assisi is a mother herself, making the 75-year-old Jagger a great-grandfather.

Image: Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

1. Whoopi Goldberg (33)


Whoopi Goldberg had her first daughter, Alexandrea Martin, when she was just a teenager. And then Alexandrea herself had a baby at 16, making Goldberg a 33-year-old grandmother. But the veteran actor took it all in her stride, and praised her daughter for her parenting skills. And despite joking about never wanting to be a great-grandmother, she actually became just that in 2014!