19 Kids’ Movies With Dark Hidden Messages

Image: YouTube/freedogshampoo

Many of the greatest stories ever told have some kind of subtext – a hidden meaning that reveals a deeper, darker theme. And sometimes, this meaning is completely at odds with what we think the film is all about. Kids’ movies, in particular, are ripe for uncovering just such subtexts.

For example, although they might look innocuous and completely innocent, many of our favorite Disney and Pixar animations actually conceal some pretty complex messages. In fact, over the years audience sleuths have uncovered a huge number of crazy subtexts that have been hiding away in some of the most iconic childhood movies – and here are 19 of the most ingenious.

Image: YouTube/Q

19. Finding Nemo (2003)


At the start of Finding Nemo, the mother of our little fish-tailed protagonist is killed along with scores of her unborn fish eggs. Nemo, however, ends up being born from the one remaining egg and is brought up by his father. But one theory goes that Nemo was never born at all and that the whole movie is actually about Marlin coming to terms with his son’s death. Plus, did you know that Nemo actually means “no one” in Latin?