20 Moments In John Travolta’s Life That Reveal His True Story

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Now 63, John Joseph Travolta shot to fame in the 1970s with leading roles in the blockbuster movies Saturday Night Fever and Grease. Since those heady days, moreover, he’s continued to enthral moviegoers with turns in the likes of Pulp Fiction and Hairspray.

And, naturally, there have been some pivotal moments in Travolta’s personal and professional lives that have helped shape him. Indeed, the following 20 facts both reveal some of the Hollywood star’s fascinating backstory and explain how Travolta came to be the man he is today.

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20. He was too cool for school

Travolta has admitted that he wasn’t a model student growing up, which may explain why he never completed high school. And perhaps that’s because the future Grease star preferred to act rather than study at Dwight Morrow High School in his home town of Englewood, New Jersey. This led to him being something of an oddity among his peers, as Travolta would explain in a 1978 interview with Rochester, New York, newspaper the Democrat and Chronicle. He said, “I participated in football and basketball and did what they were doing, but not many kids understood my going to acting studios at night.”

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19. He has the luck of the Irish

It’s understandable that Travolta has been cast mostly as an Italian-American, as his father Salvatore was of Italian descent. However, the star is on record as saying that his family was more interested in their Irish roots – probably because his mom Helen was Irish-American. Travolta’s family also lived in a predominantly Irish-American area in New Jersey when he was growing up, too.

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18. He joined the Scientologists in the ’70s

Despite his fairly conventional Catholic upbringing, Travolta eventually became devoted to a religion more on the fringes – Scientology. He began to follow the Church of Scientology’s teachings as early as 1975, in fact, while on the set of The Devil’s Rain in Mexico, and after trawling through a copy of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

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17. Welcome Back, Kotter welcomed him to the big time


While Travolta landed minor parts in television programs and stage shows in the early 1970s, it wasn’t until 1975 that he shot to real prominence by scooping a starring role in the ABC sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter. Playing the dumb but devastatingly good-looking Vinnie Barbarino, the fun-loving actor certainly got the ladies’ attention during the show’s four-year run. However, even bigger things were on the horizon…

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16. He comes from a supportive family

Travolta’s sister, Ellen, had a small part on Welcome Back, Kotter, too, but she wasn’t the only member of his family to have also taken up a showbiz career. His mother, Helen, for one, was a dancer and actress in her own right and was one of the main influences in Travolta’s decision to pursue an acting career. In fact, she was the one who enrolled Travolta in his first drama class. Furthermore, both Helen and Ellen enjoyed minor roles in Saturday Night Fever and Grease.

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15. He was talked out of making a big splash


For an actor, perhaps one of the most irritating and frustrating aspects of the job is when you turn down a part for a movie that then becomes a major hit. And Travolta may have felt this sting in 1984 when he auditioned for the starring role in Splash. His agent at the time persuaded Travolta that the movie wouldn’t be big, leaving Tom Hanks to fill the void in the box office smash.

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14. He’s got dance moves to Di for

Travolta’s outstanding dancing skills were always evident in Saturday Night Fever, Grease and later in Pulp Fiction, but none other than Princess Diana wanted to see them up close in real life. And the two danced together at the Reagan White House in 1985, proving not only that the energetic performer could recreate his fictional moves on an actual dancefloor, but also that he could impress someone as graceful and elegant as Princess Di. Bravo!

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13. He can sing for his supper


Travolta isn’t just a mere actor: he also has form as a crooner. And his first crack at singing in 1975 was a fruitful one, with his debut single “Let Her In” making it as high as number ten on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. But although acting took precedence as the years proceeded, Travolta still kept his hand in with music. In 2008, for instance, he performed a duet with Miley Cyrus on “I Thought I Lost You” for the Disney movie Bolt.

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12. He suffered a heartbreaking goodbye

Although she played his mother in the 1976 film The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, actress Diana Hyland was actually romantically involved with Travolta off set. They fell in love despite the 18-year age-gap between them, but the relationship came to a tragic end after Hyland succumbed to breast cancer. After a courageous year-long battle with the disease, the 41-year-old died in the arms of a heartbroken Travolta. He later accepted a posthumous Emmy Award on her behalf for her role in the film.

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11. He’s a bona fide flying ace


Add aircraft pilot to the list of real-life roles Travolta can perform. Indeed, the actor took an interest in flight from an early age and attained his pilot license at just 22. Today, meanwhile, he owns and flies his own private jets and even has an aircraft company. Maybe he should have been chosen to star in Con Air rather than Nicolas Cage!

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10. He’s been accused of not flying straight

However, Travolta’s aerodynamic endeavors have led to one interesting – if unproven – claim. Specifically, in 2014 Douglas Gotterba, a former pilot for Travolta’s aircraft company, Alto, alleged that he had been engaged in a sexual relationship with the star for six years during his tenure. This was quite the assertion, as the actor had only been known to be with women in the past and had been married to actress Kelly Preston since 1991…

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9. He’s allegedly been put under “pressure” by the Church of Scientology


And Travolta has been accused of hiding his true sexuality since Gotterba made his allegations, too. Early in 2017, for instance, it was reported that the Church of Scientology was using details of Travolta’s private life to blackmail the star. A former church insider told scandal sheet The National Enquirer, “I was a witness to the pressure put on Travolta. He was afraid they were going to reveal his sex life… He came to me, desperate and afraid of their threat that everything he ever told them would be revealed publicly if he defected.” Given the source, though, it’s perhaps best to take the claims with a pinch of salt.

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8. He’s in the Hasty Pudding club

Travolta may not yet have received an Oscar, but he can at least boast of another distinguished accolade. That’s because the prestigious Hasty Pudding Theatricals club at Harvard University – a student society known for staging cross-dressing burlesques and musicals – awarded Travolta its Man of the Year Award in 1981. The honor is given to those who have made a “lasting and impressive contribution to the world of entertainment.”

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7. He nearly came to a sticky end in the cockpit


Spending time doing something he loves the most almost cost Travolta his life in 1992. It was while he was at the controls of one of his planes, in fact, when, alarmingly, the power began to fade. But though he rapidly lost control of the aircraft due to the electrical malfunction, the experienced pilot still managed to keep things on an even keel and landed manually.

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6. He’s done the hard yards

Not every successful actor is fortunate enough to enjoy overnight success in their youth, and Travolta was certainly one who had to scratch and claw to get to where he is today. Before his meteoric rise in the 1970s, the Hairspray star had to make ends meet by taking on several jobs, ranging from luggage porter to supermarket check-out boy.

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5. He claims that the Church of Scientology had a hand in his success


We’ve already seen how Travolta’s big break came when he landed a role in the sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter, but the actor actually credits the Church of Scientology for getting that part. Apparently, the teacher of one of his Scientology course classes had the nascent star and about 150 other students point in the direction of ABC headquarters while telepathically transferring the message, “We want John Travolta for the part.”

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4. He’s been involved in some rum business down in Brazil

It’s probably no surprise that John Travolta’s popular the world over; perhaps bizarrely, though, he’s a particularly big hit in Brazil. So much so, in fact, that in 2013 the makers of the Brazilian rum Ypióca Cachaça poached Travolta for the brand’s next television commercial. The ad features the actor playing some soccer on the beach in Rio as well as busting a few dance moves.

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3. His single-minded dedication meant no stunt double was needed


He’s not in Jackie Chan’s league when it comes to performing his own stunts for a movie, but Travolta did do all of the dangerous work for 1980 romantic drama Urban Cowboy. So committed was he to the part, moreover, that he had producers find a way to get a real mechanical rodeo bull set up in his house while he practiced riding it for two months. Now that’s dedication!

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2. His masseurs felt aggrieved

Weirdly, in 2012 two masseurs came forward to file lawsuits against Travolta, claiming that they were both sexually assaulted by the actor. However, the two male massage therapists were unsuccessful with their accusations in court, leaving the judge to dismiss the assertions in both cases. An angry press statement from the Travolta legal team said at the time, “This lawsuit is complete fiction and fabrication.”

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1. He was in Grease seven years before the movie came out


There’s no denying just how much the phenomenal success of Grease played in transforming Travolta’s fortunes early in his acting career. It’s a little-known fact, though, that he was actually in the stage show cast of the musical years before it ever hit the big screen. Travolta was a part of the Broadway production in 1971, before emerging as the leading male star of the movie adaptation in 1978.